In November of 2011, somebody in Connecticut won a Powerball prize worth more than $254 million. An unidentified person tried to claim it but said that he lost the ticket. D'oh!

If this person did win the Powerball jackpot legitimately, I hope that he at least signed his ticket. Why? Signing a lottery ticket is an excellent idea. Maybe he lost the card. If that's the case, he might never find it. However, perhaps the card was stolen from him. If it were stolen, at least the thief would not be able to cash the ticket if it already had a signature on it.

Winning the lottery, for most people, is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You normally don't get an another chance to win a big jackpot. That's why it's important to protect your lotto tickets from the start. It's always a good idea to sign your tickets as soon as you buy them, just in case.

In fact, some lottery corporations have now made it mandatory for cards to be signed before cashing them. That rule even applies to the small secondary prizes. Why would they institute such a rule? It's because lottery fraud is relatively common.

Consider this scenario: You go to the store with a bunch of old tickets. You ask the cashier to check them for you. One-by-one, the clerk checks your tickets, until she comes across a jackpot winner worth millions of dollars. Without you noticing, she switches the winning ticket with another card underneath the counter that she keeps there for just this type of purpose. Then she holds the winning ticket and claims it for herself. This scenario wouldn't be possible if the cards were signed.

Don't think this scenario can happen? Well, it has, many times. In California, a TV news show secretly filmed a person going into various stores with winning tickets, only to have the cashier's steal them after having them checked. In Ontario, many retailers have been charged with this as well. The worst piece of all this is that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people that won the lottery that doesn't even know it - And they never will.

As you can see, signing your lottery tickets is a good idea. All it takes is a few seconds. So grab a pen and put your signature on them immediately when they're purchased. I'm sure the Connecticut Powerball winner now wishes he had done so!

In 2005 California became the 12th state to include the widely played state lottery game Mega Million in its list. Although this has a slim chance for a win, it still happens to be the most popular lottery game getting a million jackpot prize. The draw occurs on Tuesday and Friday night at 8:00 p.m and the award are based on sales and some winners. If you are a lottery player, then do go over these strategies which should be used for selecting the super lotto plus winning numbers for the next draw.

The Mega Millions is one of the most popular lottery draws in the USA alongside the Powerball game, and it's easy to see why. The prizes are usually huge - no smaller than $15 million - and have reached nine figures in the past. To play, you only have to spend $1 on one ticket, which is affordable for more people, and then pick five main numbers and a premium ball number (the total is then 6). To with the jackpot, the player need match all five including the bonus number. However, matching just one ball is also enough to grant you a prize starting from $2.

When you have got that card doesn't forget to check the results. It may sound silly, but plenty of people ignore how important it is to make sure that you keep the card safe, and then check the results. There are lots of stories of people forgetting they bought a ticket, forgetting to check the results forgetting for all kinds of reasons (after all real life can be busy!). So how do you check your results?

You can check lottery results in the newspaper; you can check it in online on various websites, on some of the newer televisions with an interactive service, on your mobile phone by SMS or via the web. You can also watch the draft life and on the official website of the lottery afterward. Going on to the website is the great idea because you will also get a breakdown of the winning numbers, how many people won the jackpot how many people got five numbers, how many people for four, how many people got three, etc. Just to demonstrate how significant the contrast is between big winners and a small winner, the official Mega Millions website shows on the 16th of January, 2009 that there are no jackpot winners for the $12 million prize. Three people got all five main balls, however, winning $250,000; there are them 17 people who go four main balls and the bonus number.

Then working down the list of the possible nine combinations, there are 201, 093 people who matched just one ball (the golden ball) and pocket $2. Therefore winning a smaller end prize is a lot easier to do than winning higher end title, bearing in mind that millions of tickets are sold every week. The lottery results checker gives us that chance to explore these winners and losers to our heart's content. The results will tell you where the winners are located too (something that is unique as the UK lottery for a sample will not). The results checker will tell you which state the winners are in and how many winners live there - so who knows, you may have a jackpot winner in your town! It's worth remembering that California has a slightly different way of handling prize funds and the prizes may differ so check these results on a particular website.

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