Indigo and Crystal children
By Jimmy Henderson

With our universe being geared towards growth and unfoldment, there will always be times when human beings take a step forward along the evolutionary path. One of these steps is the more frequent emergence of indigo and crystal children in the last twenty years or so, although there may well have been isolated cases in the more distant past. These particular children are much evolved, have very specific personality characteristics and are blessed with a number of different gifts which I will now describe.
The Indigo child
This child possesses an extremely high consciousness and intelligence accompanied by high activity (energy) levels. Their purpose is to bring about positive changes in the world and they have the energy and drive which makes them likely to be leaders in the different fields of endeavor. They tend to challenge conventional thinking and behaviour and this makes it difficult for them to adapt to traditional methods of education, as they may be perceived as hyperactive, uncooperative and disinterested. They would be better suited to the more holistic tutoring styles and individualistic educational approaches that are offered by some private schools.
Apart from normal child-rearing practices, parents of indigo children have an added responsibility to create an environment where their children will be able to unfold their full potential. However, they must not fall prey to the recent populist approach to allow them to do as they please, as many years of research into child development have shown that all children, even gifted ones, require boundaries and firm guidance in the form of consistent discipline from both parents, especially at an early age. Fortunately, the universe is cognisant of these facts and these children will generally choose to be born into a family where at least one of the parents recognises their special gifts, has the ability to correctly nurture them and takes the appropriate steps.

The Crystal child
The crystal child can be identified by his or her affinity for nature, especially animals and crystals. They are less outgoing and certainly more reserved than indigo children, but have natural gifts of healing and clairvoyance. Their purpose is to assist with healing, including the healing of the planet as a whole. Having a close affinity to nature they will often speak of fairies and with the proper training, will actually be able to communicate with these natural energies as well as animals. They will have no problem with schoolwork, except possibly boredom, as they are also exceptionally intelligent, and will most likely enter the healing profession in some form or another. It would be a good idea to place such a child under the regular tutorship of different spiritual teachers to learn the different natural healing modalities (including crystal work) and unfold their full potential. Once again, parents have the responsibility to guide and mentor the crystal child who will also be born into a family where at least one of the parents is able to perform this task.

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