Indigenous Procurement Services Canada

Indigenous procurement services help to sustain aboriginal peoples’ business in Canada. The economic development of Canada is directly proportional to the economic growth of the Indigenous communities. So, the path to uphill this is going through the economic development of aboriginal businesses.

What is Indigenous procurement?
In simple words, Indigenous procurement is buying goods and services from the indigenous-owned business. Indigenous procurement boosts aboriginal business and economic development of the indigenous communities of Canada. According to a study did by TD four years ago, the value of the indigenous business market is 31.6 billion dollars.

Need of The Indigenous Procurement Services
Indigenous entrepreneurs need a source or platform where they can find indigenous procurement opportunities available in pan Canada. Because before to get the opportunities they need to identify it.

ItsTimeForChange is an economic inclusion platform where indigenous business owners find thousands of federal and private procurement opportunities. Join ITFC for free today.
This type of organization helps businesses to identify the right procurement opportunities and make the complete procurement process easy for owners.

Benefits of Outsourcing Procurement Services

While running a business, it becomes difficult to analyze and grab the right procurement opportunities around you. So when you hire or collaborate with procurement services they make easy the whole procurement process.
Some of the other benefits of hiring procurement services are:

Reducing costs

One of the main advantages of procurement services is they reduce the operational cost by purchasing supplies and services at the best market price. This is the primary goal of the procurement services.
When you manage the process it becomes difficult to determine the expenditures due to the lack of experience. It leads to an awful experience for you and costs you as much as you don’t plan.

Visibility of spend

A transparent spending process is a key to cost-saving. An effective procurement process has visibility to the organization’s total expenditures, which gives the ability to reduces the cost of the complete process.

However, it’s can’t possible to manage the expenditures if you can’t see them. So, visibility of the total spend helps to complete a successful and effective procurement process.
Productivity The other purpose of outsourcing the procurement process is to utilize the complete process to its maximum.

Each thing or administration being sourced ought to contribute, straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, toward cutthroat situating. At the point when an association has a powerful acquisition measure, acquirement can take out redundancies in the activity, advance cooperation, and recognize great and failing to meet expectations providers.

A proficient acquisition measure furnishes an association with economies of scale, which permit it to diminish expenses and produce more for less, making an upper hand. Productivity inside your provider connections permits your acquisition group to effectively decide your providers’ capacities, interests, intensity, and monetary strength, which will enable you to improve your provider base, getting rid of underperformers, and working with providers that can upgrade your association’s upper hand.


When you outsourcing the procurement process it gives better control over the whole process. The procurement service provider controls the complete cycle from purchase requisition, requisition review, solicitation process, evaluation, contract, order management, invoice approvals, disputes, and record keeping.

Using technology

Using technology improves the efficiency and speed of the procurement process. It also eliminates the hassle of handling manual document storing. Adaption of technology increases the data accuracy and makes the procurement process transparent.

So these are the benefits of the outsourcing procurement process to a company that builds strategy, handles the process, and maintains the relationship. ITFC is one of the companies that helps in the economic development of Indigenous communities of Canada. ItsTimeForChange offers procurement services such as help to find the best procurement opportunities, make planning, and strategy to successfully complete the contract.

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My name is Walter Deagle, I lived in Wolfville city of Nova Scotia province in Canada. I am working to provide a better world for the aboriginal peoples of Canada.