Engaging a Digital Workforce! A New Model for Inclusion
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Working from home- the new engine of economic growth!
Studies are showing that people who work from home work 1.4 more days a month than that of the office worker! That should answer the age-old question companies and the public sector have been asking for years? Can we support a work from home environment?

Smart employers will and should!
The community based Indigenous Liaison Officer program offers Canadian companies the opportunity to benefit from both relevant community insights an enhanced work ethic within a productive environment.

On our network we have a phrase, “Google searches cannot compete with local knowledge” and we mean it. There is a process of economic discovery that community members can help with. The liaison officer position can provide invaluable insights that will prepare businesses before they reach the leadership level. Knowledge is “King”!

In a host of different categories Indigenous, (First Nations, Innu or Metis), community members have an intimate knowledge of the barriers and challenges to economic development. They also have a profound understanding of the needs, wants and desires of a community that lead to economic opportunity. This understanding may be a result of their participation on the council, as a leader, an economic development officer, a committee member, a portfolio manager or simply someone who has been engaged in the discussion of how their community is going to provide economic opportunity for their families.

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