What is the meaning of indigenous peoples?

This is a word used to describe the native peoples of Canada. Canadian constitution defined them as the Indigenous Communities in Canada. North America from at least 14000 years ago. As the report published by the government of Canada in 2016 around 4.9% of the population is the inhabitants of Canada.

Indigenous Communities of Canada:

Aboriginal Canadians(indigenous peoples) comprise mainly in three groups named First Nations(also known as Indians), Metis, and Inuit according to the constitution of Canada. These groups are distinct according to their unique history, culture, language, and beliefs. These peoples are found in all 14 provinces of Canada.

First Nations(Indians):
First Nations are the most populated group among all three. These peoples are numbered 977,235 in the 2016 census. There are more than 630 communities in the First Nations. Speaks 50 plus languages.

British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are the main geographical locations or provinces where First Nation are found.

The term Métis alludes to a group of societies and ethnic characters that came about because of relationships among Aboriginal and European individuals in what is presently Canada.

Metis is the 2nd group according to the numbers of people. The population of metises are 587,545 calculated in 2016. Metis are recognized as Canada's aboriginal peoples under section 35 constitutions act of 1982. Metis, 40% of the population lives in Ontario and Alberta.

Inuit means ”The Peoples'' in the Inuit language of Inuktitut. Inuit are the 3rd group of indigenous people of Canada. The population of the Inuits is calculated to be 65,025 in 2016. These are mostly lived in the arctic region.

Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunatsiavut, southern Labrador, Nunavut, and Nunavik are the main regions where Inuit live.

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