The Indian education system has followed the traditional model of teaching for way too long. The system has several bottlenecks that hamper the growth of students. envisions a future where students can learn from teachers who are experts in their chosen field and also possess years of teaching experience. We also believe that students should have access to engaging content.

Study24x7 leverages technology so students can have a better learning experience.

We provide a state of the art knowledge social network where students can reach out to teachers directly and also, have the option to learn in a personalized manner.

The opportunity to study at their own pace helps students to manage their time in a more structured way.

A unique way to learn

Every student's journey is unique, and our goal is to provide a fully customized learning experience so that learners can take advantage of our curated pool of teachers and maximize their potential.
Interact with well-versed teachers, watch video lectures, follow other members of the study 24x7 community and more in one place.

Our collaborative learning and sharing model helps students and teachers to connect and provide instant help. Students can ask questions or get their queries addressed by our expert panel of teachers and educators.

How do we help SSC students to excel?

● SSC 2020 Students have the option to learn as per their convenience by watching video lessons or by studying our informative content.
● Live lessons are also conducted from time to time and have a one on one session with their best faculty teacher of SSC 2020.
● Those Students who are preparing for SSC-CGl2020 will get the best teachers for their SSC 2020 exam with the uploaded videos and articles free of charge.
● Students and teachers can make their pages. They also have the option to unfollow or follow people who have also made profiles on our platform.
● A wide variety of Govt. exam courses offered by will help students throughout their journey. SSC cgl 2020 notification tier1
● A steady stream of educational posts provided on the platform will help you revise various subjects in a fun way.
● Students can save any post or video for later use. The ability to save contents helps students to revisit older topics and to do last minute revision.
● Based on your interests and goals, our proprietary technology will provide you with content that will help you most effectively.
● You can follow various pages to receive regular questions of SSC-CGL2020 for your practice.

Specialized training for government exams (like SSC-CGL2020, NTPC2020 and so on)

In India, landing a government job provides a secure future and is also considered prestigious. On study you will be able to study from courses that have been designed specifically for competitive exams like UPSC 2020 and bank PO 2020.
Our teachers have an in-depth knowledge of the topics that are frequently asked in government exams.
Our experts will also provide you with strategies to clear various exams.

How we help educational institutions and teachers?:-

● By using our platform, teachers and coaching institutes can gain access to lakhs of students who visit our website regularly like the students preparing for SSC-CGL2020 and other Govt. 2020.

● As a teacher, it's not easy to differentiate yourself from millions of other educators who are who teach on online platforms. can be the proving ground for you as a teacher. Teachers who make engaging content can make a tremendous impact on the lives of the students.

● Teachers can gauge student response through question-answer sessions and alter their lessons based on what works that students find more exciting and relevant.

Study24x7 is changing the world for the better through experienced teachers and innovative technology. Join us today and experience a whole new way of learning.

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