A nation is recognized by its culture when the people of a nation live to gather and adopt customs, rites, ethics, lifestyle, laws, plays and art of each others but some qualities are different in every nation that make a nation different from other nations. Cultures are always changing with time. There are many differences in Indian cultures but the people of India love and respect each other. Traditional Indian culture is very strict even we have entered in to a modern world, move side by side with western countries but our country has not lost its uniqueness. This uniqueness directly signifies to the manners or our cultures which is given by our ancestors and we transfer it to our new generations.
India is also the origin of many religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and many more others. India has also been influenced by various cultures groups that entered India throughout history such as the Persians, Mughals and Europeans powers.
There are found great and unique ethics in all areas and provinces of India, life style is very simple and decent. Respect of elders and older is the best quality of Indian cultures. The help of poor, needy and pitiable people is one of the great ethics of Indian cultures. The people of India share sorrows, grieves and happiness of each others, they solve different problems with the counselor.
There are diverse foods are liked by the different areas of India but vegetables, pulses and rice are very much liked by all Indians. The people who live near the ocean they eat fishes very eagerly. The people of Punjab and Delhi like milk, butter, yogurt and whey. The Indian people respect their guests and serve them many fruits, sweets and drinks. They cook delicious dishes at the arrival of guests and give them various gifts.
The Indian people celebrate their customs and rites at different and special occasions, these rites perform in the whole country with little differences.
Indian wedding have a specific way, wedding is a ceremony in which two people of different sex become united on this wedding ceremony, the bride and groom take seven rounds around the “Mundar”, then groom apply a red color powder that called “sandoor” to the parting of the bride and put a special necklace that called “mungarsutar”. After this they take best wishes from their elders, they arrange ceremonial dinner on the wedding that is include different spicy dishes just like pulao, qoarma, zardah and firni etc and these are nicely set on the decorative tables. The parents of the bride give her dowry that consist of various things just like furniture, crockery, quilts, beautiful embroidered dresses and other house hold articles that are wanted in her future life.
At the birth of a child they become very happy and the relatives and friends of the child’s parents give many costly gifts to the child. When a man passed away the all Indian people become very sad and shares the sorrows of his relatives, his dead body that called “chitta” is taken to the edge of ‘Gunga’ and burn it up by his beloved person. Its ash is tied in clothe and flow it in to the gunga. Holly and Rakhi are sacred rites of Indian culture; these rites are celebrated very zealously. The all Indian people are very happy on these occasions; they decorated their houses and prepare sweet dishes, wear graceful dresses and give best wishes to each others.

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