Be Self Empowered To Overcome Procrastination Caused By Being Indecisive
There are many factors that can cause people to procrastinate and one critical one among them is being indecisive in your decision making. Many people simply use up too much time trying to figure out and making decision on the next step in the aspect of life, work, project and others. Although it is important to think thoroughly and make informed decision, but if too much time is spent wastefully on that, it can also cause you to procrastinate and delay you further in achieving your goals or targets that are being set.

In order to overcome procrastination because of being indecisive, here are some self empowering tips and tricks to be shared and practiced:

1. We must practice to set aside some time on a daily basis to ponder upon the purpose of making decision and also set a realistic timeline to complete the whole decision making process. By doing this, time is being utilized to the fullest and decision will be made in a more timely and effective manner.

2. In additional, stop stressing on being indecisive, just take a leap of faith and implement your decision. The result might turned out less than expected or wonderful, but at least you have already taken out the first step and you can learn from the result and evolve a new decision to make it better. If there is no first step taken, there is no feedback and you will be still at the same old spot procrastinating again.

3. We must also learn to consider each consequence and benefits (pro and cons) upon every single decision, quickly write down the consequences and measure the negative effects of the decision. Then choose the one that has the least negative impact and select the one with the most positive outcome.

4. Everyone tends to strive to be perfect in term of expectation but to aim to be perfect is also a factor that lead to indecisive and procrastination. Instead of striving for a perfect decision, that may be impossible, rather go for one that is sufficient or “good enough”.

5. Do not do it alone, you can choose to engage a trusted friend to brainstorm together with you, because 2 heads are better than one. They may have different insights or view which may help you in your decision making process.

In summary, just follow the world’s big brand, Nike slogan – “Just Do It” and stop procrastinating.

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“Succeed does not come to you, you have to go to it” Using this philosophy, I decided to create this self help website to push myself to achieve self empowerment and also to motivate all of my friends out there who are reading and staying with me throughout this empowering journey