The psychotherapy of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like mind empowerment. Through dream therapy you will increase your brain power, and at the same time you will attain spiritual perfection.

If you are intelligent you will easily understand that the unconscious mind is your doctor and teacher, while you are an ignorant and imperfect human being. Your progress will be very fast if you’ll have a humble attitude. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time trying to understand the reasons why you have to follow the unconscious guidance, until you’ll finally agree on doing what the unconscious mind is showing you in your dreams.

The unconscious mind is very generous and patient and will give you many explanations. However, why should you waste time with the same matter for no reason?

If you’ll make a research, you will always conclude that the unconscious mind really is right when you’ll analyze all the components of your reality. The unconscious wisdom and sanctity prove that there is a God. We are not alone in the universe.

So, forget the ridiculous atheistic and materialistic mindset of our absurd civilization. Carl Jung’s discoveries and the discoveries of many scientists in many different scientific fields have already proved to the world that there is another side behind our apparent reality.

You should have the behavior of a good patient and student. First of all, your doctor and teacher must cure your psyche. Don’t refuse to work or change your plans when necessary.

For example, one of my first online patients (in 2007) wanted to live and work in a big city, even though she lived and worked in another city. She had a good salary, but she wanted to live in the big city for personal reasons.

She insisted very much on making the same question to the unconscious mind. I translated for her 5 dreams about the same topic: why it would be very bad for her to abandon her job and live in this big city.

Fortunately, her last dream was very convincing.

The unconscious mind is very patient. It gives numerous explanations with many details to all dreamers, answering all their questions. The unconscious mind showed to this dreamer in her 5 dreams 5 reasons why it would be very bad for her to abandon everything and live in this big city.

In her last dream she saw that she was living in this big city with a very handsome man. He was very kind to her. However, when she asked him when they would finally get married, he disappeared.

The unconscious mind showed her that she would have a love relationship with someone only for a while. Nobody would ever marry her in that city. There were many dangers that she completely ignored.

After this dream she finally understood that she really had to forget the idea of living in the big city and solve her problems where she already was. A new adventure was not the right solution for her.

If you’ll insist on your plans like this dreamer you are going to waste your time trying to understand why you are wrong. When you cannot immediately understand or accept the unconscious wisdom you should at least respect it, and stop insisting on your plans.

There are many things that you ignore. Your plans won’t help you succeed. If the unconscious mind will show you in a single dream that something will be bad for you, you can be sure that the unconscious mind is right. There is no meaning on making a thousand times the same question. The unconscious mind will simply give you one thousand explanations about why you’ll face bad consequences in case you insist on your plans.

Of course, you should make more questions to the unconscious mind when you disagree with what it shows you in your dreams. However, don’t be stubborn.

The unconscious psychotherapy is a process of mind empowerment based on the transformation of your personality. It also works like spiritual purification because you eliminate what is bad from your psyche, developing only the positive characteristics of your personality.

The unconscious psychotherapy helps you find sound mental health and build self-confidence by helping you completely develop your intelligence and your sensitivity. This is how you will be able to use your brain power and read people’s minds, predict the future, have an extraordinary memory, and attain superior levels of knowledge.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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