Every day of our lives from early childhood and into adulthood we create patterns for ourselves. Through our perspective of the world in which we live along with the words and actions we choose to use to react to all this stimulation that we encounter, we are constantly building and reinforcing patterns of behavior that become who we are.

These patterns of behavior that we build become so engrained in us that we can often react in this way repeatedly without much thought given to our reaction. Depending on our perspective of the world around us and how we’ve chosen to react to it, this behavior can be very damaging and it can become a major road block in creating change in our lives and living a positively inspired life that we all seek to live.

Early childhood development plays an important role in creating our perspective of the world and it lends itself to enforcing these behavioral patterns that we create. The perspective that we choose to take of the world in which we live through our words and actions each day will dictate that path we’ll travel that day.

The difficulty with trying to achieve positive change in our lives is that this behavior occurs without much awareness until we find ourselves regretting actions or words we’ve chosen to use to react to a particular situation. Then it becomes a constant circle of negativity that is hard to escape.

The good news is that by taking the first step toward raising your level of self awareness around your actions and words, you begin to raise your level of understanding as to why you often react in the way you do. This new understanding will help you to identify some of the problems with your perception of the situations that you encounter. This will in turn help you to see ways in which you can change the behavior that you’ve been chained to for so long.

It’s time to stop the negativity and the negative behavior that supports it, and a raised level of self awareness to the life situations you encounter and the words and actions you choose will help you do that.

Break yourself free of the negativity that exists in your perception of the world, people, situations and the negative reaction you choose.

There is a tremendous amount of good in the world and the people we come in contact with, and there is always some good to be found in the situations that we encounter. Make a firm choice to view the world and the people around you in a more positive way. Make that choice a ritual and live it everyday.

Build a positive environment in the world you live in by understanding what inspires you, then fill your world with that positive inspiration. It’s this positive inspiration that will help drive you in a positive direction especially in those times when you feel like giving up.

If you make everyday a day to choose to look through the window of positive perspective then build and reinforce a positive environment around you, you’ll send your life in a whole new direction for living a positively inspired life. This will empower you to make tremendous changes to all aspects of your life.

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John is the author of hundreds of inspirational quotes on life, family and parenting. Married to his wife for over 20 years and raising three successful teenagers, he shares his inspiration, ideas and strategies for living a fulfilling life and building a strong family through his daily quotes at Daily-Inspirational-Quotes.net