The students who are fond of technology and have a keen interest in computers may go for the computer courses after 12th. Being the integral part of our lives, computer has made the day to day work easier and therefore, is required in all the fields. To enhance the knowledge in computers it is best for the students to opt for the computer courses. Apart from the graduation there are many diploma courses also which offers short time training to the students.

There are number of computer related careers like IT, Computer hardware and networking courses that are gaining much popularity. The computer hardware courses benefits a lot in understanding all the minute technicalities about this field and get a rich experience during the industrial training. There are better placement in the field due to certifications from reputed players of IT field like Microsoft, Novell, sun etc, inferring in students better communication skills with confidence. There are some computer animation courses too that require the background of mathematics and physics.

There is many long term as well as short term courses where the students may make selection according to their requirement. They prepare individuals with all the skills for animation, giving the students an opportunity of being more flexible in their style. The career in the computer industry may be started with an internship in the required company to have a direct exposure to the outside world. There are many institutes which offer direct placement to start off with career. There are many high level courses too to understand the current technology and industry after the completion of the certificate courses. Computers and laptops have now replaced paper and pen. For going into MNC’s sometimes the computer language courses prove beneficial.

Among them languages like C++,, Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Python and Visual ( are quite popular. These languages increase the flexibility and importance of the individual candidate. This field is thus, open for those who have the in depth knowledge of computer and its language. The more language the students know, the more opportunities come into their way. To enter this field, the students are required to have the ability of critical and logical thinking, computer literacy, communication skills, trouble-shooting, reading, writing and mathematic skills, problem solving, and patience, good knowledge about electronics and sound understanding as well as comprehension of any given problem.

The computer language courses offers the bright future options like the career of systems analyst, lead and applications programmer, systems and web programmer, mainframe, database and Java programmer, web programmer and applications consultant. There are other lucrative and productive options depending upon the caliber of a person, their knowledge and understanding. To conclude it can be said that students in the field of computer have an overall comprehension of how things are co-related in a computer language and working. The only thing one should be aware of is that the course covers each and every subject thoroughly and the institute is of good reputation.

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