Glucose levels in the body affect the productivity of your employees more than you might believe. A steady glucose level throughout the workday, ensures that workers will be able to achieve a more astute focus while completing their work and have higher levels of attention to detail. Accuracy in the planning and execution of plans is key to a successful business model, but if your employees aren’t focused on their work then their accuracy will inevitably slip. To avoid a slip in accuracy, focus, and productivity your workers must maintain a healthy diet and a fairly normal eating schedule.

Second only to sleep, nutrition is the most important facet to a person’s ability to gain and keep focus. It is clear then that encouraging meal prepping among your employees is one of the easiest ways to save your company a massive loss in productivity and revenue. This happens in distinct three ways.

  1. More Time To Work - When your employee prepares their meals for the day ahead of time and brings their lunch into work with them they consequently spend less time out of the office looking for, buying, and eating lunch. This means that they ’ll spend more time working, and thus get more done.
  2. Less Opportunity For Crash - The foods that are generally used in meal prepping are healthier options full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will work together with your body to keep glucose levels steady all day. Not everyone that meal preps follows this pattern but even when the foods your employees pack to bring with them are not 100% healthy, you can be certain that they will provide more nutrients and health benefits than the fast food joint down the road, or the vending machine in the break room. Since their food will be higher in nutrients and their glucose levels will remain steady, they will avoid the mid afternoon crash, and remain more useful and alert throughout the entirety of the day.
  3. Better Concentration - When employees get hungry, it means that their glucose levels have already begun to drop. This allows them to become distracted much easier. Until they eat and increase their blood sugar levels to normal, the distractions will only continue to increase in frequency and severity. Having high protein and low carb options, like isopasta, pre-cooked and packed with them helps to make sure that their hunger is immediately fed, and that their glucose levels remain balanced throughout the day.

Running a business is about more than just facts and figures and knowing how to market and sell. It’s also about knowing people and caring about them. Every business owner knows that if you didn’t care about your customer and their needs, then you wouldn’t have a successful business. What they sometimes fail to remember is that the same goes for their employees. If you don’t care about the health and wellbeing of your employees, your company is going to suffer. When productivity rates fall so do sales, and with a drop in sales your revenues go down down, negatively affecting the future of your business.

Being aware of the problem is the first step to fixing it. Hungry employees are a direct drain to the company's bank account and meal prepping is the proverbial guaranteed direct deposit feeding the account so that it never empties. With the inclusion of meal prep in the office, the rate of productivity will rise while the amount of distraction falls. Well fed employees are the keystone to any successful business, and the use of meal prep is imperative to keeping employees well fed.

Author's Bio: 

Lexi Cahill is a Penn State University graduate with a degree in Mass Communications & Media Studies. She is a humanitarian who is enthusiastic about giving back to her local and global community through both monetary donations and community service. She has sponsored a child from Ethiopia through Compassion and volunteered locally at both the Lititz Community Recreational Center (where she was a summer camp counselor for children), and the Lititz Moravian Manor (where she provided companionship to the Alzheimer's patients). Her dedication to helping improve the lives of others is what drives her. She has turned her passions for writing and humanity into a career with Isolator Fitness where she shares her knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and general health through articles published on their website.