The Brookfield UL Adaptor is used with any normal Brookfield Viscometer and Rheometer to develop genuine and reproducible size on low viscosity elements.

Newtonian and non-Newtonian elements can be examined. It is most widely used with the LV line device (at 60 rpm, these designs have a entire range variety of 1-10 cP with the UL Adapter). The UL Adaptor involves a accurate round spindle spinning within an precisely produced pipe. Its rheologically appropriate round geometry provides incredibly genuine viscosity size a nd shear pace determinations.

The pipe has a detachable end cap which allows the start finished pipe to be used in a beaker or container. With the cap in position, the shut pipe can be absorbed in a heat variety bathtub or used with the ULA-40Y water cover for specific heat variety management. Functioning heat variety range is from –15°C to 100°C.

Why change your present UL Adapter?

The new style helps you to save a quite a bit of t ime on set up and split down of products.
The new spindle with widespread network is e asier to place onto the viscometer. The complete set up can maintain position between testing with only the step being eliminated to develop the next example for examining.

Quick & Simple Design Saves Time

Quick & easy network of spindle:

Longer combining nut for better grasp and perspective actions to hook up spindle to viscometer. Remodeled range for fixing ULA set up to viscometer. Provides more room for hand grasp on combining nut.

Quick & easy eradication of chamber:

Simply ease thumbwheel, step glides d own and out. Allows fast examining of many products b y changing out compartments. Decision of making spindle attached to viscometer or disconnecting spindle and r emoving it with step. Water cover sleeve remains to be in place
attached to viscometer while step and/or spindle only are eliminated. Saves set up time for the agent.

Unique ULA Assembly Design Provides Several Benefits:

Sturdy receiver connects to discovering direct set up which is attached to viscometer rotate cup. Sample step is used strongly in position by the receiver which provides appropriate place for the spindle spinning within the step. Universal combining nut on spindle guarantees organization network with viscometer and automated self-centering of spindle in step during spinning. D irect engagement of step in heat variety bathtub is simple. Water cover holders move over receiver and agent by hand adjusts the collar/jacket set up to allow easy placement of step containing example to be examined.

Detail of UL Adapter:
1. Locating Channel Assembly
2. Water Jacket
3. Chamber Tube
4. Collar with thumbwheel
5. Tube End Cap
6. Spindle with widespread coupling

What’s Included? Locating Channel Assembly

Spindle (304 s/s) (p40)
with widespread combining nut
Collar set up with thumbwheel
Water Jacket
Chamber Tube
Tube End Limits (package of 6)

Optional Accessories
Closed Tube and Spindle
made from 316 s/s

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