For many people there never seems to be enough time for anything, each day is a continuous rush from one job to the next, then bed, wake up and the repeat the whole process the next day.

This can be the same for exercise as well. We rush from one thing to the next not necessarily following any plan but just jumping onto the next available machine.

Pre planning your exercise routine is as important as pre planning your day. We can all achieve so much more by planning your day in advance and this is just the same with exercise. Just spending a few minutes planning your day and planning your exercise routine can help you achieve all those goals you set yourself in life.

Here is a great tip to help you save some time in the gym whilst increasing the intensity of your workout. I use the type of training with myself, my clients and my classes because I want everyone to hit their exercise goals. We all know how important resistance exercise is in maintaining a healthy weight, so by combining two exercises together we can not only work more efficiently but challenge the body systems more. This creates a multiple joint and muscle exercises, that help the body burn fat quicker.

An example of this is the squat and the shoulder press. 2 exercises that are common in the gym, one is important functionally movement for the lower body and the other helps to strengthen the upper body, but combined together the squat/ press will do all that and increase the challenge on the cardiovascular system.

Start in the standing position with dumbbells held in the shoulder press position, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor then return to standing position. From there press the dumbbells overhead then return to the shoulders. Repeat this 8-12 times for a great combined exercise.

Other examples of this type of training are:
· Lunge/ bicep curls
· Press ups/ single arm reverse row
· Step ups/ shoulder press or bicep curls
· Reverse lunges/ front raise or upright row

Form is everything when performing these exercises but they will deliver more bang for your buck working more of the body on each movement.

By exercising smarter and making some small changes to your workouts you can achieve those health goals and feel great doing it.
There are plenty more exercises and ways to train like this so challenge yourself and get ready to reap the benefits.

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