Have you experienced up and downs in your finances? Would you like to increase your flow of money? Chances are we have all experienced times when the flow of money is not as we want it to be, or the bills seem to be piling up and there is more going out than coming in! This two part series is all about the natural flow of money and how we can work with it to increase our money flow.

Ebb and flow… let me explain. Money is energy, in fact EVERYTHING is energy and all energy moves in waves and cycles. Think of the ocean, the tide flows in and out, ever moving. The waves of the ocean follow a natural rhythm which has the same energy flow as money. When you begin to go with the flow of money you will find it easier and more joyful to create money and abundance within all areas of your life.
Throughout my adult life I have been up and down with money, I seemed to either have lots or none at all. I have worked on a lot of my beliefs and expectations around money but when more was going out than coming in I would wonder; what have I done to attract this? Reading Creating Money by Orin and Daben who explain the principle of ebb and flow it really made sense. Orin and Daben describe the four states of flow as;
• Calm - money in and out in equal proportions,
• Flow -more money in than out
• Ebb - more money out than in
• Flat - No money in or out

So, how can you learn to work with this flow to increase the money in your life?

Manage your thoughts and emotions. The challenge is to not let your thoughts go up and down with the flow of money. If you experience a time when lots of money is going out of your bank and little coming in, observe rather than judge. Know that this is the natural flow of money. Don’t panic and go into survival mode. Just know it is only temporary and keep focused on what you want, rather than what is.

As you know, what you focus on grows so, when the money’s not flowing as much as you would like, or you are getting bill after bill a really good game to play is called “What if up” (Leading Edge Coaching) How often do we use the question “what if” but usually in a way like; what if I can’t pay my bills? What if I lose my house? What if I have to go back to the J-O-B? And what are we focusing on here? That’s right… exactly what we DO NOT want. So turn it around “What if things could be exactly how I wanted them to be? What if I get an influx of new clients who pays the full fee upfront? What if as I focus on what I want, the money begins to roll back in again? As you spend time mulling over the “what if ups” you are focusing on what you want and as you create your reality through your thoughts and feelings you will find that you move quicker back into a state of flow.

In the second part of the Increase Your Money Flow Series you will learn how; experiencing an ebb in your money can give us the key to unlock your prosperity code and also how to manage the energy in your home and body to increase your money flow.

So until the next time, I wish you big love and big success


Author's Bio: 

Emily Hill is an Intuitive Business Coach who works with heart centered business women to; create more money, more clients and more opportunities while working less hours and having more fun. www.coachingbyemily.com