Even though I am a student of commerce’s Chemistry has always been one of the most favorite subjects of mine. The reason is simple, that the information provided by the books of this subject is outstanding or we can say that they let us know some of the most amazing thing which otherwise we could have not known.

Normally when we talk about this subject most of the students don’t show any interest, as there is no doubt to the fact that this subject is pretty hard or need more thorough understanding than others. But if we look on the other side we will find that this is the subject, who let us know about some of the most amazing information related to atoms and elements. That’s the very reason that today we are here, so that we can talk about some of the most interesting topics which can be found in various Chemistry Book. But before that let me tell you an amazing fact which is, that this subject is pretty old as compared to others in fact if we look into the history we can find that even Greeks too studied about atomism in 440BC.

Now moving on to the main part, this is related to discussing in short, about the various topics which can be found in various chemistry books.The very first topic which can be found in these books is related to atoms, which can also be described as a basic part of chemistry subject which contains protons and neutrons in it. In fact it would not be wrong if we call it as the base of universe. The topic which comes next in our discussion is known as elements, to be short and precise there are around 94chemical elements which we can study about.

Later on these two are followed by various topics like compounds, substance, Molecule, Mole, Ions and many more; in fact we can say that there is no end to this counting. The deeper you go in this subject the more you can find to study about.

I know till now you must have decided to find a good chemistry book and read it, but the price they are coming in is a bit of a problem (as they are pretty high as compared to other books in market).

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