Children and adults both like to play games and when it is a brain game that becomes more enjoyable. Wordscapes is a word game in which users have to make words. This is a puzzle game and everybody will enjoy it. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of the wordscapes for windows.

An overview of wordscapes

Technology has changed the life of human beings in many ways as they can entertain themselves, learn and do a lot of things. Video games are liked by many people and they can enjoy playing them on the laptop or mobile.

Wordscapes is such a game which people can play and improve their vocabulary. Wordscapes has been developed by PeopleFun, which is a game that challenges the brain of the user. The game consists of 800 different puzzles. Some of them are easy while others are hard.

It is a very addicting game, which can be played in an easy manner, as the interface of the game is user-friendly. Alphabets are available and users have to use them to make words. In order to make words, users have to swipe the letters and make a word. There are ten locations, which users have to go through to make words and play different types of puzzles.

Wordscapes Features

There are many features in this game, which are as follows.

Bonuses and tweaks

People have to play many puzzles in the game. There are butterflies, which people have to catch so that they can get many rewards. The butterflies also give challenges to the players and provide them words that help them in getting more rewards. People will also find some tweaks which they can use to go to next level quickly. Shuffle button is available which helps the users in shuffling the letters.

Coins and the making and spending

When the game starts, people get 200 coins. People have to spend them to get a lot of benefits. If a player makes a word and a butterfly sits on it, he gets a few coins, which can be spent in the next puzzles.

Learning new words

Players will learn new words as the game goes on. There is an Aa symbol, which can help the users to know about the meaning of a word.

Advantages of wordscapes

There are many advantages to this game, which are as follows.
• Users can challenge their mind and can make simple as well as complex words.
• There are easy as well as difficult levels, which people have to face and make words to win them.
• Brain exercise will increase the IQ of the players.
• If users face hard words, they can use hints, which they have to buy by using coins.
• Bonus words help the players to win more coins

Cons of wordscapes

In spite of so many advantages, there are a few cons which are as follows.
• The game is addicting and children may waste their time playing it for a long time.
• There are a few ads, which may irritate the users while playing.

How to quickly download and install the wordscapes for PC and Mac

The game can be easily installed on Mac and Windows devices as wordscapes for Windows and wordscapes for Mac are available. Users have to use an emulator to install the app. Here are the steps, which people can follow to install the game.

1. Go to the official website of Bluestacks or other emulator and download the apk.
2. Double-click the apk to install the emulator.
3. Launch the emulator and search for the Wordscapes app.
4. Install the app and enjoy its features.

Same steps are needed to install the app on Mac devices.


Wordscapes is a very interesting game and people can get addicted to it. The game comes with a lot of features and may help in increasing the IQ of the players.

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