A popular proverb is “work, fix, speed it up”. Glovo has completed all three with its on-demand distribution base. It works on the "Quick Trade" model. Successful startups operate in 26 countries. It has partnered with about 20,000 florists, liquor stores, pharmacies, supply stores, restaurants, and supermarkets in 200 cities.

The Glovo site offers high-quality wines, casual wear, food, flowers, groceries, and medicines. Businesses that govern the economy as needed can create a glove clone application by contracting with a leading utility development company.

What are the attractive features of an app like Glovo?

  • Direct monitoring of orders from pickup location to pick up location.
  • Access to the Chloe Prime monthly subscription plan. Consumers benefit from additional discounts, free and unlimited home delivery, and immediate purchase of new products.
  • Easy reset for buyers. They can save time by looking at their previous grocery list and use the "one-click" mechanism to place the same order again.
  • Evaluation and review system for sharing user feedback. They can record feedback about the overall Glovo Clone delivery experience and the professionalism of the logistics staff.
  • A 24x7 technical support system is available to all users. They can easily solve problems related to defective goods, late delivery, order processing, payment, and replacement.


Importantly, Glovo plans to double its revenue by 2021. It aims to achieve significant net profit by 2022. The on-demand distribution platform will focus exclusively on the Eastern European market.

So, merchants can start developing the Glovo Clone app and quickly become a millionaire. They can see an incredible increase in cash flow and order volume through faster power transfers.

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