One of the ways to use subtle mind tactics and the power of the human emotive matrix is to increase your credibility and this article will tell you how you can do this within the first few moments of meeting someone. The tricks of the trade are actually being used quite subconsciously by people all over the world and you will find them in board rooms and stages all over the world. Whether or not they know they are using these techniques is something completely different and today, I can tell you how you can increase your credibility and make people trust you in almost an instant.

For one thing, you need to have a single mindset, and that mindset is that you should always assume that they do not believe you at all. Always look at people and have the assumption that these people are assuming that you are lying through your teeth all the time and this sets in motion a very careful and cunning process in your brain. After a while, it makes you seem to want to convince them at every sentence and every word that you utter and this is where things really get interesting. People who are in this mental cycle are always trying to convince you at one turn or another, and this doesn’t have to be in the words that they are saying, it also can be in the subtle gestures and the associations that they make. Always assume that no one believes you and that they will never believe you, even after they buy into whatever it is that you are selling.

Also, you should also assume that no one understands whatever you are talking about. Assuming that everyone is an idiot is the best way to ensure that you try to flesh out the facts and make them believe you. Look at how the best speakers in the world talk to the people around them. They speak to them like they are babies and this is the approach that you should be talking as well. The last thing that you should be thinking is that everyone is a potential customer to your line of thinking.

There is no such thing as poverty in your prospect, everyone and anyone can afford to buy what you are selling, it is just the matter of naming the right price. In the end of the day, being able to have these three pyramid mind sets will really help you to increase your credibility and make people trust you in the end of the day. This is something that you have to practice on a daily basis, and once you get the hang of it, it will come quite naturally to you. So keep at it. Be the salesman, and you need to be one all the time, even if you are not selling something. But do not be a car salesman, be an expert who has something so precious and compelling, they must have it from you.

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