Having a child can bring a lot of happiness; however, not everyone has that natural ability to conceive. With the best West Hollywood, CA reproductive endocrinologist, you can find a reason to be happy with a series of reproductive health sessions to help you carry a child. With customized In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) techniques, you now have a better chance to get a child of your own. Find that happiness today with Dr. Mor and bring that joy into your life.

How can IVF transfer improve your chances of having a child?

IVF involves a series of steps that can work to bring that joy into your life. The treatment consists of therapies to stimulate your system to have the ability to have a child of your own. IVF itself is a procedure that involves fertilizing the sperms outside your body to improve your chances of having a child. The process takes place outside your body in a controlled environment to increase your chances. Typically, it takes up to nine days until the doctor can confirm the success of the procedure.

Why is IVF so successful most of the time?

IVF occurs in a controlled environment, with your doctor making several steps to ensure success. Your doctor uses various techniques such as downregulation to ensure that your egg has all the capabilities to give you a child. You will receive an injection with hormones that will stimulate the growth of an egg. The procedure follows various steps that you must follow to achieve the right results. Your doctor can also provide you with birth control pills to control the procedure to achieve the right results during the treatment. When your eggs mature, your doctor will perform a harvesting technique and place them in a lab ready for fertilization.

Your eggs will mix with sperm from your partner or through a sperm donor to start the fertilization process. The technique is way more complicated than just putting the female and male reproductive cells together. California Center for Reproductive Health uses a special culture environment that helps kick-start the fertilization process.

How does the embryo reach your body after IVF?

Your doctor will complete the procedure by attaching the growing embryo to your womb; your baby will then begin to grow similarly to other mothers who are lucky enough to use the natural procedure. This procedure can also benefit those people who have reserved themselves and do not want sex. However, for the most part, it can solve most infertility issues experienced by couples.

Is IVF a safe procedure?

Yes, the procedure has authorization from the FDA, making it safe with little to no side effects. Additionally, many women have received the treatment safely with bouncy babies as the highlight of the treatment.

Your dream of holding your bundle of joy is valid even if you are experiencing challenges with conceiving. Benefit from an IVF today and find the greatest gift ever for any couple.  Begin your motherhood journey today by calling the center or making an appointment online.

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