Mobile site become popular nowadays along with the increase of smartphone product. People tend to like browsing via mobile. More than 52,2% user access internet through their phone, instead of desktop.

Many business owners aware of this, and enhance their mobile site to increase their traffic. Creating website that works well across all devices can be a difficult task. However, there are many simple things that can increase a site's usability. Click-to-call is one of feature that works well in desktop and mobile site. Click-to-call become more popular because it's simple, effective, and easy to implement.

About Click-to-call Feature

Click-to-call is a way to let people connect with a company rep' by phone when they are browsing your website or app. Click-to-call can be used on desktop web and mobile web. This feature allow user to click or tap on a link on a page that will lead into certain number of the company rep'. With click-to-call feature, user don't have to manually enter the phone number, and company will get more conversion from this feature.

Click-to-call on Mobile Web

As we know mobile web become popular, and company need to enhance their mobile web performance. Mobile-friendly design become common phrase to illustrate how a website work the same way across devices. Mobile-friendly website must have their feature work well even on desktop or mobile site. On desktop usually click to call just show the number if user go through click to call button. But, on mobile web click to call can do direct dialling when user go through click to call button on mobile website.

Conversion on Mobile Site

Before we go into conversion on mobile site, we must acknowledge first about the definition of conversion rate. Conversion rate is the percentage of visitor to website that complete a desired goal ( a conversion) out of the total number of vistors. A high conversion rate means a successful marketing campaign, and a great web design. Why is that? Because people want what you're offering, and they're easily able to get it.

The goal itself can be many things, e.g. fill the form, buy product from the website, or give a call to company. Mostly, business owner or marketer use different goal in their campaign to test which one is the best campaign. The conversion rate become the indicator for measurement of the campaign.

As mobile phone become more popular, company need to find a way to increase their conversion from mobile too. Mobile site will be more effective if marketer see the things that mobile web can maximize, e.g. click to call. Mobile website click to call will be useful to increase the conversion from mobile site. User can call directly from their smartphone, so it's easier to create a campaign that focus on goal to get many call from customer. Great campaign and click to call is a good combination to get higher conversion rate on mobile site.

Missed a Call, Missed a Conversion?

The popularity of mobile phone, the high demand of mobile friendly site, and click-to-call feature lead into one problem : what if the user call and no one answer? Many marketer will say that the it's still count as a conversion, because the goal is completed: user call the number. But, actually we can call it a missed conversion. Because we never know if user call us with their own number or public number, and if we can give them a callback.

The problem will be solved if click to call have a feature to schedule a call, or track a call. Novocall aware of this problem, and develop click to call feature to one step further. Novocall make click to call feature that allow user to make a call scheduling with the company. Company don't have to run their call service 24/7 with call scheduling. User also can leave their number for the callback. Novocall make it easier for user that they don't have to make a call, instead company will call them. Now, the company will never miss any call that means no conversion left behind.


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Fatul is here. Work for Novocall. We are a SaaS company that helps to manage and automate sales calls from websites and ads.