Chat solution is a powerful tool of communication. Any business can take abundant benefits from this solution. This article shares top 3 benefits of white-label live chat solution, which each business must take.

What is white-label live chat solution?

Before getting into a discussion of the benefits of white-label chat software, let’s first unveil what is white-label chat solution. The live chat solution is a chat widget, which you can add to your website or webpage to answer real-time queries of the customers and prospective customers via chat. The white-label chat solution allows you to put your branding elements in the chat widget. This will give a feel and a sense of your own chat solution instead of third-party chat software. This is really powerful in creating a strong brand impression.

Major business benefits of white-label live chat solution:

The chat software is used for real-time communication with prospects and customers; this is the known fact. However, this is just the utility of the solution and not the benefit. The chat software is capacious to do many more things to boost your business. Let’s see top 3 business benefits of the chat solution.

1. Increase Sales

A majority of potential clients leave the website without generating a lead. There can be multiple reasons for this, but the most common is confusion. The website visitors often have queries and as there is nobody to answer, they leave. The live chat solution will let your executives walk these visitors through the solutions they are looking for. Also, they will answer their questions and entice them to generate and convert leads. The statistics share that businesses having a live chat solution increases their business up to 200%.

2. Improves customer loyalty

The live chat solution has a benchmark of 71% customer satisfaction, compared to email with 62% and phone communication with 44%. As you may see, this is the highest customer satisfaction achieved with the live chat software. The live chat solution is easy to access and can work as the best solution in pacifying the customers. The quick chat support when customers are facing issues or frustration verge with your product helps in resolving their issue and satisfies with the professional customer support. The satisfied client will stay with the brand for long and will also bring a lot of repeat and referral business.

3. Decreased Expenses

The live chat solution saves a huge amount of phone bills as well as cost per hour for an agent. The agent or executive can answer multiple chats at the same time. The executives can multi-task. This will let you leverage the benefit of maximum productivity. This will also reduce call waiting queue for customers, result in less dissatisfaction. The executives can multi-task.


The live chat solution decreased expenses and increases returns. It contributes in improved customer satisfaction and resource utilization. Also, it is the best tool to increase sales. The best live chat solution helps in increasing business growth up to 500%.

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