If you research about “increase brain power” in Google or other internet search engine, you will get extremely many games, books, techniques and tips. Most of these suggestions involve the physical exercise, complex mental exercises and balanced nutrition.

Although it would generally be cool if any person who wants to increase brain power could incorporate all these techniques and tips, it is highly doubtful that after the reading of such an advice, you will begin jogging for at least one hour every morning and at the sometime change your diet to incorporate more omega 3 fatty acids and fiber. Some people cannot do that even when they are at serious risk of suffering heart attack.

Because most of the people cannot manage to follow or observe the strict requirements of increasing brain power, they definitely want to engage in some simple activities, which it can help them achieve the same objective even if it takes longer time.

If these suggested tips seem difficult or impossible, you can easily increase brain power by following this 3 step system.

Step one: Switch your mouse-pad’s side:

It is as simple as that. If you switch the computer mouse pad’s side, you will be forced to use the hand that is not dominant. This will in turn stimulate those neural connections that exist between the brain’s left and right hemispheres. The scientific research has confirmed that the people who use their two hands equally have about 10% more of nerve fibers that join their brain’s two sides.

Ideally, you want to perform very many activities with the hand that is not dominant. However, some of them may be cumbersome. Unless you are an ambidextrous person, you use one of your hands more than the other. If for example you are high-handed and you decide to brush with the left hand, you may find that the tartar is indeed building up. This is so because the left hand cannot do thorough work like the right.

Using the mouse with the hand that you are not accustomed to be one of the activities that you can easily integrate into life. For the first few days, you will experience some serious discomfort, and you might be tempted to use the usual hand in those activities that require a lot of clicking. However, once you get adapted you will be capable of using both hands efficiently.

Step two: Try to remember things

For most people, forgetting is natural. However, you forget because you have stayed for long without doing any activity to increase brain power. You should engage in those activities that force you to remember things such as reading history, answering questions about something that you studied in the past, or writing about certain issue or topic.

Step three: Play games that challenge the brain

The people with the highest IQ are players of certain games, especially the chess. To increase brain power you nee to play games that require some thinking such as puzzle or trivia.

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