Almost every client who goes up to a fitness trainer is looking to reduce their levels of body fat percentage. Regardless of their age, it seems that everyone just wants to look better by losing the remaining, excess body fats accumulated all around their bodies. Fat loss is clearly a top fitness priority for most people.

If you find yourself having a similar goal as the people I have stated above, there is one main training method to help you get where you want to get to. This will be known as high intensity interval training.

High intensity interval training is basically a type of cardiovascular exercise which will alternate between short but intense periods of exercising followed by lower intensity recovery periods. These sessions usually are shorter than 20 minutes in length and research has shown that high intensity interval training are most effective for the following pointers.

It is great for improving your general fitness levels, increasing your metabolic rate, improving fatty acid utilization. Also, such a type of training will improve your cardiovascular health without turning to boring running! It will all be able to help you become slimmer and be healthier as well!

What exactly are the steps you should take to perform such a workout? First of all, you should start with a 1:2 work to recovery ratio and apply it to either sprinting or swimming. The intensity is going to be extremely high for the first 20 seconds; after which the pace will slow down drastically for the next 40 seconds. This is simply one cycle. You should ideally perform, or at least work up to 5 to 10 cycles.

It basically is a very simple training method. However, even though it may sound like we will be repeating such a training time after time, it need not be boring! The great thing about such a type of workout is its great variety.

We can apply this to most types of exercises. You can incorporate high intensity interval training into cycling, swimming, skipping, boxing, dancing or weight lifting. The number as well as length of the cycles you perform can also be varied. The work to recovery ratio can also be changed over time as your fitness levels improve.

The next time you want to exercise to lose weight, make use of high intensity interval training with your favorite kind of exercise. This way, your workout will only take about half the usual time but be much more effective!

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