Copper is known to be the oldest metal used by man dating back to 8700 B.C. over the years man has found more uses for both copper and brass. From copper statues, jewelry, furniture, cutlery and other brass house accessories, it is clear that there’s no limit to how useful these metals can be. Advanced technology has resulted in the making of sophisticated machines that help further explore the versatility of copper and brass.

Now we have copper shim stock and Brass shim stock a much thinner variation of copper or brass that is more malleable, easy to cut and drill through. One can find it in either one of two forms, rolls or sheets. Read on to find out how you can use copper and brass in your home décor for a unique, attractively elegant look;

The best areas to use copper and brass in your home

The main advantage of using copper is that it blends seamlessly with other materials. One can choose to pair brass with marble or copper with wood for an amazing result.

Living room - One can have a wooden coffee table top with copper stands and brass kettles, sugar dish, saucers and coffee cups. This gives your living room setting contrasting textures that are intriguing and a burst of colors that bring life to what would have otherwise been a dull setting.

One can also have copper picture frames and brass vases. You can also use copper shim stock to coat your indoor plant holders.

Kitchen - Here, you can have brass pipes to creatively hold your shelves in place. Brass taps and sinks also make an attractive alternative to the plain aluminum sinks. Open your shelves and cabinets using beautifully crafted copper holders that bring symmetry and appeal to your kitchen.

Bathroom - Incorporate brass shim stock to bring a different perspective to the mirror frames and other smaller items like the soap holder or toothbrush holders. Copper shower heads and shower curtain rods are also slowly becoming a trend.

Cleaning and maintaining your copper and brass pieces

Modern homeowners have turned away from wooden, ceramic, PVC and other common materials used to decorate homes and have instead leaned more towards metal to make their homes look more attractive. It is no surprise to see wall clocks, lamps, vases, shelves, and tableware made of brass in an urban home. How is it that such materials which were thought to be ancient and outdated make it to our homes today? Well, there are numerous reasons, some of which are;

- Brass is easy to clean unlike wooden or PVC furniture and other such accessories which may degrade and lose their appeal after being cleaned with water and detergents.

- Copper and brass, over time, tend to lose their shine and luster which may consequently undermine the entire look of the house. To help keep your metal frames, seats, or doorknobs looking shiny all year long, you should conduct a thorough polish every two weeks. Your polish is simply made of a little coconut oil, and some cotton wool. Rub all over the metal surface and voila! You may alternatively opt to use chemical polish sold in hardware stores.

- It is advisable to use copper shim stock and brass shim stock accessories if you live in areas where there’s little humidity. If you happen to live near the ocean or a large water body, the metal pieces in your home may degrade faster and also require frequent cleaning and maintenance.

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