People who have sizeable earning are legally bound to submit income tax returns, and they are to do this within a date scheduled for it by the finance department of the government in each year. Submission of income tax return is a must in every country of the world. If one does not submit the income tax return, one is sure to be punished on the basis of laws of the country. Of course, people, who are from lower income group, get exemption, and submission of income tax return is not a must for them. What the government earns from this resource is used for activities related to welfare of the people and obviously to administration. The people in every country want to know how a part of their income can be saved from the grip of income tax, and this constitutes basics of income tax return tips.

Rebates are available towards income tax which should remain within knowledge of the people for whom, every year, submission of income tax return is a must. The task is not so difficult or complex for those people who have learned to organize their income and expenditure all through the year. It is necessary for the individuals to preserve the papers or documents related to income and spending or to any kind of financial transactions of the whole year, carefully. What one earns in the previous year is the basis on which income tax of the current year is estimated. Income tax return tips should begin at this point.

Before one starts to do anything regarding submission of income tax return, one should contact any responsible income tax consultant who has professional expertise in this subject. He will like to check the financial documents of the earlier year so that he can go ahead in assessing what may come out as rebates for income tax.

Some of the commonly known income tax return tips have been submitted in the following lines:
Documents of financial transactions are important. Individuals should gather those and preserve those in organized way, because calculations are made on their basis.

Where wife and husband have earning from separate sources, they should not submit the income tax return separately. Both of them should sign on each of the relevant documents. This will finally help them in creating some rebates.

Area of insurance (dental or medical) is important, because some parts of the income are exempted towards this account.
Tuitions fees of sons and daughters create space for income tax rebates.

Individuals are sometimes engaged in noble services and they do donate for some causes. Donations of some types are also exempted from income tax return.

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