Most of the men do not have clear idea about their income tax status. This is to mean that they do no know what amount they should pay for tax against what they earn in a year. They can calculate the extent of tax they are paying, and they will learn that they are paying much more towards tax than what they should have paid. They do not, usually, maintain accounts of daily expenditure. Income tax is received by the state from its citizens in every year on what they earn. Income tax rebate tips are, therefore, important. Everyone must file his income tax return on annual income within a stipulated date of the calendar year.

Tax system has been classified in two categories: progressive and digressive. Tax is fixed on entire annual income of a person, and this is known as progressive process. The digressive process is applied for the corporate, and tax is fixed on the net income in their case. A person must get all kinds of financial operation done by him in a year. He must also get his total annual income or net income, as the case may be. It is, then, possible for him to file his income tax return.

Most of the persons do not have the habit of keeping the data necessary for filling their tax return. They can seek assistance from income tax consultants. Income tax consultants play great role for filing income tax return for the corporate sectors where there are huge operations in financial transaction.

It is important to identify the areas in which one can avail rebates in income tax:

The people who are engaged in business can highlight travel expenditure. Travel for conferences or seminars, airfare, vehicles rental, toll fees, parking fees, hotel charges, tips etc are deductible travel costs.

A person who maintains two businesses should adjust spending of the first into the second and that of second into the first. By doing so, he will get benefit.

Everybody should preserve medical bills. Some of the medical expenditure (dental insurance, health insurance etc) may be transformed into personal health expenditure, and this will help towards the growth of business.

One must not keep all jobs associated with filling of income tax returns to be done just before the final day of tax return submission. Instead of acting this way, one should prepare day-to-day transactions so that one will not have much trouble and anxiety while submitting the tax return within the scheduled date.

Husband and wife live together, usually. They should submit income tax return separately. This will reduce their amount of tax considerably.

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