In order to compare life insurance to income protection you need to have a good understanding of how each of them work in terms of the cover they provide. Of course they both insure different things, but the fact that they are the same type of insurance is enough to create parallels between the two so you can understand them both a bit better. After all, these are the two most misunderstood and least liked types of insurance that you find in the market to date. They both fall under the term long term insurance and it is usually because you have the policies for a long time. They also insure something intangible to the policy owner until such time that a claim needs to be put into the insurer.

It is only at claims stage that you start to see the difference between the two policies. Essentially on a life policy, if you are the insured life on the policy and you are paying for it, then it is unlikely that you will see any benefits from the policy itself, but at least you know that whoever is left behind will be taken care of the way you intended. When it comes to income protection, the only time you will get to see the benefits is when you are fall ill and you can no longer attend work, or you end up getting retrenched by the company you are working for.

The similarities come in when you look at how you have to pay for something every month without getting to reap any of the benefits. In addition to that, you also have to do a few calculations to ensure that you are adequately covered when the policy comes into effect. That means that you need to have enough money on a monthly basis for a specified period of time to ensure that you still get an income that is sufficient enough to pay for your essentials while you are unable to work and earn the money you need.
When it comes to life insurance, you have to make sure that that the benefit amount is sufficient to cover you needs as well. You have to calculate how much money your family will need without you being there to contribute to the monthly household income. If you want to settle a home loan so you know your family always has a place to stay then you should include that amount in there to give them exactly that.

So the parallels are there even though the benefits are slightly different, and if you are still uncertain you can take a look at to get it in more details.

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