Building a DIY breakfast nook will help you enjoy your coffee or breakfast and other light meals cosily tucked away in a corner of your kitchen area. The tables can be designed depending on the area available and can be in a round or L shape. Little will you observe that this tiny nook will end up being a perfect socialising place for the house in-mates!

  • Cut and build the bench tops and bottoms:

Before you begin, make sure to choose a dedicated spot at the kitchen corner. Take the required measurements and try to keep its dimensions as wide as possible. If you have a moderately sized kitchen then these measurements will work for you. Cut the two-by-fours into 8 sections each around 5 feet long. Cut the reminders into 8 pieces each 18 inches long. Assemble them and fasten with screws. 

  • Build the bench vertical supports:

Once all the pieces are assembled cut the two-by-fours into 8 pieces each being 18 inches long. You may seek professional assistance in kitchen renovation in Karratha as they are adept at measurements and framing. Place each rectangle on the bottom of each bench as a base support.

  • Face off the benches with plywood:

When you plan renovations in Karratha then try to be as cost effective as possible. Building a DIY breakfast nook will require 4 pieces of plywood, 2 having dimension of 5 foot by 18 inches and the other 18 inches by 18 inches. Nail the long pieces to the front and the shorter ones at the left and right of the bench.

  • Attach the benches and trim its corners:

Position the benches together in an L-shaped manner. Use 3 inch screws to screw the benches together.  The corners must be trimmed to give a finished look also to prevent any bruises or injuries in future.

  • Making the seat cushions:

Under the expertise of renowned kitchen renovation experts in Karratha you will be able to get the best breakfast table for your kitchen. Cut the plywood and foam according to the top dimension of one of the benches. Wrap the polyester upholstery around the foam using a stapler.

  • Build the table top, column and base:

The table top should be 4 by 4 foot, table column should have 4 pieces each 30 inches long and 12 inches wide and finally the base should be 2 squares each side being 24 inches. If nothing works then you can always rely on professional renovation experts in Karratha.

  • Assemble the table and add the top banding:

Take the example of renovations in Karratha and screw brackets to the base of the table for additional support. Add the top banding and paint the table to make it more stunning!

This nook is fairly easy to make as it uses simple and easily available materials but requires a couple of days for its completion! If you want the task done right away then summon for professional help at once!

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