If you are a solo-entrepreneur or small business owner, or even operating on a base plus commission arrangement, you need to sell to your prospective clients and Joint Venture (JV) partners to be financially successful.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned sales professional, here is some of the best advice I can give you: Do not play hard to get. Instead, play easy to give. What does this mean? Well, let me backtrack a bit. Have you ever noticed that when you are easygoing with prospects, your chances of successfully closing the sale increase dramatically? Note the difference: “easygoing” is not to be confused with “easy” or “sleazy”. The intention is to show respect, and be respected.

To ensure that you walk into the sales conversation feeling “neutral” – a prerequisite for getting into that “easygoing” head and heart space – you will need to clear the way. Here is an idea for you: before meeting with your prospect, assess where you are on the Doggy Scale (see seven statements below).

Which statement most aptly identifies what you are feeling?

1. Bark is louder than your bite = anxious and defensive
2. Not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog = aggressive and dominating
3. In the doghouse = shameful
4. Dogmatic = arrogant
5. Dog-tired = completely exhausted
6. Dogged and “like a dog with a bone” = determined
7. Like man’s best friend = dedicated and trustworthy

Perhaps you were able to add to the list? Number seven is obviously the best for selling. So, if you feel anything but friendly (and professional, of course) before your meeting, think of a dog type that you are fond of, which makes you feel “at home”, in a positive way of course. Choose to be this dog; do the dogtrot (“a gentle trot at a steady pace”1), and whatever you do, do not be overly friendly, which is what you and I know some dogs are (*LOL*).

As well, any time you want a quick pick-me-up, go to http://www.gone2thedogs.com, click on Game, and answer the questions provided within the Canine Algorithm Transfer System (CATS). You get to find out what type of dog breed you are. Pretty cool, eh? Okay, so I would love to see whether you and I are related. Let me know what dog breed you are, will you?

The Border Collie, which is what I am …

  • Is bred for brains and stamina
  • Is a very intelligent and responsive dog
  • Is highly energetic with great endurance
  • Gets along with “other dogs” (*smile*), provided it gets plenty to keep it occupied
  • Is a perfectionist, and has a permanent will to please
  • Thrives on praise, but not without sensitivity
  • Not too shabby (or shaggy) huh? How did you make out? Doggone it, I hope you found this unconventional way of observing your sales style fun and helpful.

    1 Encarta World English Dictionary

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