My Life Coaching mentor, Dr. Randin Brons, Has once again hit a chord with this week Idea Generator. Celebrate differences.

"Souls don't have races or sexes or religions. They are beyond artificial divisions." -- Brian Weiss

Intolerance of differences always exists in people who don't know who they are, people who don't have a strong sense of their own authentic self; the soul within.
Intolerance is rooted in fear.

The basis for having a strong sense of self-esteem is to replace our unconscious idea of basic unworthiness with a conscious knowing of our fundamental inherent goodness. As Matthew Fox argues in Original Blessing, the notion of 'original sin' must be replaced with the truth of 'original blessing.'

Being in touch with our essential goodness, we can see the essential goodness in others as well.

"Beliefs separate. Loving thoughts unite." -- Paul Ferrini

It always fascinates me that in my reading and studying, there are some very repetitive themes. Living your life in the conscious, the present moment, without fear is certainly needed for healthy daily living.

Close to 100% of the people I have the privilege to coach or mentor over many years have one thing in common. Their self-esteem needs to be built based on the reality of "inherent goodness" that is present in nearly all of us. When beginning my journey of life recovery, I had great "coaching" to help me see this issue, then address it!

Hope the "Idea Generator" stimulates some thoughts in you. If you would like to freely and confidentially kick thoughts around, I can be reached at

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Keith Bray is a Certified Addictions and Life Coach, coaching client success by phone.