It has not yet been proved that the presence of old, unused car(s) in the garage will increase the likelihood of any member of the household getting infected by the COVID 19 virus! While that is true, this is also true that the presence of an old, junk car in your garage can be a reason enough for several health hazards, more so for the kids and the enders of your family and of your pet, if you have one! 

They are the source of dust, dirt, and bacteria

While the old car might not be the source of the Coronavirus, it can very well be the source of other diseases. They accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, bacteria, rodents, and insects. While the dust and dirt can very well get access to your indoor and seek refuge in your carpets, upholstery, curtains and other porous surfaces, carried by your kids and pets who may find the old car a nice place to play games all these elements might in time result in a wide range of respiratory illness to your family members. 

The rodents and insects can very well get into the interiors posing a real threat to the elders and kids. That is the reason, the sooner you summon an old car removal service provider in Sunshine Coast or any other place depending upon your location, it is better for you. 

They can be a source of injuries to your pet and kids

Again, your old, junk car is a bit too risky an amphitheatre for your kids to show off their playful prowess. Kids like these places to carry out homely adventurous trips like the ones they see in the games they play or the series that they watch on the television and in the process can get injured. Now if that happens, it's a red flag for you as cuts and bruises from the rusted old metals and the exposure of those cuts to brake fluids, fuels, and other chemicals can very well be disastrous. If your pet follows (which is very much likely) your kids to the car, it may very well get injured as well. 

Why put the safety and security of your kids to unnecessary risk for something that is of hardly any importance to you anymore! So call a reputed and seasoned company that carries out car removals in Sunshine Coast for cash and do away with your junk car before it becomes a major cause of your concern. 

The Old Fluids & Fuels Can Result In Chemical Hazard

Old, unused cars are often sources of chemical leakage. That may include remnants of brake oil, the fuel, the secretion from the carbonator, the battery juice, and other extracts from the rusted and degenerating metals of the car's body and spare parts. 

Now all these fluids and chemicals, needless to say, are huge health hazards not only for your household but also for the entire locality. In fact, if you retain your old junk car, your neighbourhood has the very right to raise a finger at you and may complain about you to the authorities. It will needlessly draw you into trouble that you will like to face. 

Therefore, to avert all these unnecessary hazards, simply get rid of your old car before it is too late. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a company that is into the business of car removals in Sunshine Coast. The author is also an avid blogger.