Video continues to be the marketing vehicle of the 21st century. 82% of web traffic will be video-based by 2021. 87% of advertisers guarantee to use videos showcasing their products and services. The combination of moving video, audio and print sure to stop your audience in their tracks.

- Back to front- Videos are not only for outside clients. Consider how your internal communication could profit from training videos. Key briefings that the recipient can refer back to. Video can be utilized to clarify new products, diagram new frameworks, make declarations, communicated organization news, or to praise business achievement. It is likewise essential for obligatory preparation, particularly through online classes when partners might be working virtual.
- Improved Screens- The fundamental innovation in a video mailer is the screen. As TV screens proceed to advance every year, so will the screens being utilized for PrintAVizion video brochures. Think sharper, more dynamic, HD quality screens that show even more vivid video. Nowadays bendable TVs and PC screens are getting more popular. We expect bendable, more adaptable screens will be utilized in our video mailers and video brochure production line in the near future.
Social media, online presence and mobile applications are all aspects of solid marketing mix today. But, what energizes advertisers and media purchasers is what Instavizion does. The combination of video in print, making it incredibly captivating, and helps customers have a memorable experience. We produce the best-in-class video promotion products like video business cards, video postcards, video brochures, video boxes, and video point of sale solutions.

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