The term "ICSI" used for in vitro fertilization with micro-injection confirms that the biologist will choose a spermatozoon and inject it into the cytoplasm of the oocyte in a well-determined place to induce the fertilization process.

There are 2 variants of ICSI treatment procedure which are used by a number of laboratories:

The IMSI (or MSOME) which consists in identifying the morphological anomalies of a very high magnified sperm before micro-injecting it into the oocyte.
PICSI which consists in selecting sperm from their capacity to fix on macromolecules whose model is represented by hyaluronic acid (HA).
This technique, which was described in the early 2000s, has not yet found systematic application today infertility centers.

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ICSI treatment is another treatment strategy for infertility problems. And here I am sharing the treatment procedure of ICSI treatment. Keep Reading and support.