I remember sitting at one of the last Beyond The Dura conferences. Dr. Andrew Fryer was talking about his entrance into the world of CranioSacral Therapy. It's not every day you get to listen to a pediatric cardiologist talk about how much he loves CST.

There were many things about his his presentation that stuck in my mind. The one that is burned in there for all of eternity is his description of feeling an energy cyst in one of his patients.

He said it was like holding on to a bag of hamsters.

To this day I cannot come up with a better description. I love it so much I use every time I am teaching the Energy Cyst/Arcing lecture in CSTII.

Arcing and Energy Cyst release are two of the mainstays of CranioSacral Therapy. Even though we "formally" teach the technique in CSTII, many people are already doing it instinctively. They just don't have a name for it yet.

So why is it, that arcing is so challenging to some people? After all, shouldn't you be able to feel a bag of hamsters under someone's skin?

There are 3 areas that, if people spent a few minutes with, every day, their ability to feel energy cysts would be greatly enhanced.

1. Grounding.

This idea might be a totally new concept to you. Whether it is or not, there is a simple exercise you can practice everyday to increase your internal awareness and ability to ground. All it will take is 5 minutes.

Find a comfortable place to sit. Let your whole body weight be supported as you sit and feel your body as it connects with whatever you are sitting on. Tun into your breathe and let it deepen and extend through your chest and body. As it extends, let your internal awareness move with it. Feel them as they move through every part of your body from your feet all the way up to the top of your head.

Now let your awareness spread outside your body to the Earth below and the surrounding universe. as you do, feel the unconditional support that is with you as you sit. The let yourself feel how that support is with you at all times, no matter where you are and what you are doing.

2. Intention.

What is your intention when you are about to set your hands on someone to Arc and begin treating? Are you just putting your hands on and Arcing because that's what we do as CS Therapists? Or are you setting your intention based on your client's needs. arcing can be as specific as needed. Just putting your hands and on seeing what pops up can sometimes be daunting to a new therapist.

Instead, try Arcing with a specific intention. If you have a client with Low Back Pain or some other ailment, you can Arc to be shown areas associated with their pain. You could even try putting your hands on the affected area and Arc. You might find an Energy Cyst right under your hands, or you might be shown all the different areas that are associated with the symptom.

Fine tuning your intention even that little bit can make all the difference in your ability to feel Energy Cysts.

3. Connect with your client on a cellular level.

After you put your hands on, and before you Arc, let your awareness sink into the person. Let it seep in and around every cell in their body. Once you feel like you are fully connected with them, then Arc.

The more you are connected to your client and their internal environment, the more you are going to feel.

If you combine those three things, your ability to feel energy cysts is going to increase dramatically. The natural progression is a significant change in your clients symptoms.

They are going to love talking to their friends about how much you have helped them.

I need to thank Jodie for the article title. It was a very funny moment in the class.

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I have been a CranioSacral Therapist for 18 years. My passion is helping therapists achieve their goals. I have spent the past 7 developing a curriculum that works with the individual needs of each therapist and helps them break through barriers to transform their practice.

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