I am sitting alone in my house and talking to myself. It is quite normal for me to indulge in such type of talking. Self talk gives me more awareness about myself and provides me the useful opportunity of overcoming my weaknesses. Self talk also helps me in controlling my negative thoughts.

Being a retired person, I am living a great life, free from all kind of pressures, tensions and demands. I am living my life at my own free will. I have a loving wife, caring children and grand children, who are making my life exciting and colorful. Moreover, I am getting closer to God and His divine colors are spreading all over me. I enjoy dancing and singing devotional songs.

To me, success and happiness of a person very much depends on “giving”. If you don’t give, you cannot get anything. Give time to your studies and you will become a bright student. Give time to your job and you will get promotion. Give love to your spouse and you will get more love in return. Give time to your children and your children will become your friends and your most valuable asset. Give money to the poor and needy people and you will get much more money from sources even unknown to you. Be kind to human beings and God will be kind to you.

Is there any relationship between money and happiness? Yes, to some extent. Money buys you the luxuries of life and that gives you happiness. But that happiness is only for a short period of time. After getting a thing you lose its charm very soon and start looking for something else that excites you. The true happiness and inner satisfaction comes through your good deeds and kindness to others.

I remain in touch with my inner self, the soul, through deep meditation. As I am getting old, my body is becoming weaker and weaker, day by day, but I am feeling that I am getting stronger and stronger from inside and that feeling gives me great satisfaction.

I am living happily and want to die smilingly because I have no regrets. Everybody has to die some day and I am no exception. However, I am satisfied that after death my body will be buried but no one can bury my soul. My soul, the most important organ of my body, will remain alive and free and would take me to another unseen world that may perhaps be more attractive, more lively and more adventurous than this world.

I want to play a more active and positive role in my life and a much bigger role after my death. Am I crazy? No, I am in search of myself!

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