If we wish to lead a sacred spiritual life it does not mean that we do just about anything and everything in its name. True spirituality means imbuing our energies in great tasks so as to attain their fulfillment. Right from the arena of our inner being to the external mundane world, sacred actions must be broadcasted and augmented manifold. Good activities seen the world over is but the fruits of a great pious psyche. If seeds are sown properly a lush green outfield shall sprout forth. How can a plant grow without a seed? Good or vile activities do not sprout on their own as a coincidence because behind them lie good or bad thoughts of the mind. Just as a seed sown sprouts forth at an appointed hour so too great thoughts bloom in the form of sacred holy acts. A person’s bosom devoid of sacred sentiments and good thinking can never execute great activities in the world. If we study people who carry out good deeds know for sure that they have imbibed great ideals, sacred thinking etc and thus have mastered their beastly instincts. Vile wicked people dwell in a fallen state because they do not understand the deep import of sacred thinking and thus did not get highest benefits of life. Deep down man actually is a black and ugly piece of iron. It is only when he is touched by the touchstone called Paras that he turns into gold. An ordinary layman attains greatness as soon as he imbibes great thinking based on sacred ideals and acts accordingly. A person not endowed with all this can never realize the glorious goal of human life. Thus he will never make efforts to aspire also for this.

This world of ours flowers with activities of spirituality and well being. But at their fount are sacred sentiments in the mind and soul. Know for sure that seemingly ‘great’ actions are facades if they lack pious sentiments at the mental level. Many institutions of the world put on a garb and façade of spirituality which is akin to a wily fox wearing the skin of a lion. None benefits from these organizations because people tend to shun and mock this sort of superficial so called spirituality.

Even if a corpse is adorned with exotic clothes and sprayed with perfume yet none shall get attracted to it. Thus so called world welfare activities lacking sacred sentiments and a sense of goodwill to all will only lead to people’s downfall and none shall accrue any benefits.

Wickedness is on an alarming rise the world over because wily people reeking with vile behavior, tainted psyche, undesirable activities and insulting speech are ruling the roost in large numbers. Messengers of goodwill talk more and act less. Thus the message of camaraderie and brotherhood does not spread far and wide and akin to inert vegetables in a basket, there exists merely superficial giving and hearing of flowery discourses. Thus whatever people hear superficially merely is relegated to lip service and no great qualities actually manifest in their day to day transactions.

There exists no greater task in this world apart from helping lay public to imbibe great ethical actions in life. During times of need various organizations and institutions too could help a great deal. Of course this is not a permanent solution. From the financial standpoint only a wealthy person can do philanthropy in a big way. Yet just about anyone can help solve society’s problems via their hard labor and true farsighted discrimination called Viveka. If we continue to depend on others for our needs it is certainly not laudable and no permanent solution can be found. The innumerable hardships seen in individual lives and also the world level are but due to a vile tainted intellect. These hardships can definitely be uprooted if man gives up bad habits, sanctifies his inner nature and renders well balanced his thoughts and actions. Welfare of world humans and society is greatly dependent on how many great sacred activities bloom forth the world over. In ancient times many sacrificed their all for world welfare. Thus they were labeled great and akin to true Brahmins they arose high on the pedestal of life. Since encouraging pious well being tasks the world over is a very important religious principle, people who are at its helm must be given a prime status in society so that the lay public follow in their great footsteps. Greatest charity is called Brahmadan. It means sharing and spreading great divine wisdom everywhere. This wisdom helps people remain steadfast as far as honesty, human values and ethics is concerned. In the Yug Nirman Mission’s oath we are inspired to spread Brahmadan in every nook and corner of the globe. When today’s withered world psyche is watered with the nectar of divine wisdom flowers of world well being shall bloom forth manifold. This great activity verily is Punya or meritorious deed for which Almighty Lord lovingly has handed over talent, energy etc to humanity.

We must definitely utilize a major portion of our time, talent, knowledge, effort and wealth for spiritual activities. These must not be wholly and solely used for selfish sense gratification but that a great part of it must be used for spirituality and world well being activities. Just as we daily carry out various chores so too spirituality to should be imbibed daily and know for sure that it is the greatest activity both in this world and the next. If we truly feel any task to be important it will never appear to be burdensome to donate our time, skills, honest effort, knowledge and wealth for it. In fact one shall feel that it is the most meritorious and worthwhile deed of all human lives.

In order that meritorious deeds are protected and augmented manifold within the Yug Nirman Mission movement many programs have been designed. Everyone can easily avail the Jhola or Chal Pustakalaya (mobile libraries). One’s talent must be used for such purpose. Anyone can put in great effort and donate their time for such great programs. One should resolve to do thus steadfastly. If eminent persons of the world publicly eulogize such tasks a lot of all round world development can be witnessed. Wise people via their scholarly approach and practical inspirations can execute such deeds on a war footing. Wealthy people can donate their valuable resources for fulfilling this mission of world well being. If each individual donates minimum one hour of his time and 10 cents or better one day’s earnings for the augmentation of great welfare tasks that their efforts shall be etched in letters of gold in the annals of world history.

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