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Chelle Thompson: “If we fall asleep every night counting and acknowledging our blessings — we 'give permission' for The Universe to keep bringing them. When we show appreciation and give thanks for those blessings, we invite more of the same into our personal world.”

She beat out Justin Bieber for Best New Artist at this year’s Grammy Awards – her name is Esperanza Spaulding, a young jazz musician and vocalist.

While being interviewed Esperanza was asked how she’s handling it – doing everything she does now- Esperanza plays 150 concerts a year, has performed for President Obama 3 times, and is on a world tour, all while working on a new album. Her response is noteworthy since it’s a key for pursuing one’s dream and goal. Esperanza Spaulding shared: “I have all the time I need. I don’t watch TV, don’t spend much time on the Internet, don’t party much, don’t text much either I ask my friends to please call me. I try to keep phone calls short, keep emails short too so when I choose to use time productively there’s enough time to do everything I need to do.”

Esperanza goes on to say that the Internet is a tool – neither good nor bad – it’s about how we use it. Just focus on what needs to get done and get in and out. Then you can focus on doing what you really want to accomplish and imbue goodness into everything you do, it makes it all much more fun!

Her idea of how to move forward in life is classic in time management, in keeping on track of the path of what you want to create, of focus and of enjoying yourself along the way.

Dr. Kurt Hahn, the Outward Bound Schools Founder said: “There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.”

Another important tool when moving forward toward your goal is how you handle resistance. Do you let it knock the wind out of you and knock you down for good? Or do you brush off, get up and proceed forward – keeping your eye on the ball? I took a great spin exercise class this weekend – great teacher, great workout and it pushed me to challenge myself. If you don’t know a spinning bike has a circular button that you twist to the right or left in order to make it a super easy ride or add tension to the bike to make it more work while peddling - twisting the knob to the right creates more resistance. As the teacher, Tevia, reminded us when there’s resistance on the bike peddling through to the other side is 50% physical. Which reminded me of being committed to making a dream into a reality – first of all most of the resistance we experience is self-created. To varying degrees there’s a crazy mixture of desire and of fear. The desire fuels us forward and the fear manifests as resistance to bringing in what we say we want in life.

How to get out of the way of resistance is to believe you can handle the great stuff coming into your life and that you deserve it. Spend time imagining it; see yourself spending your days in your greatest dream come true - like a movie of your life. Start experiencing it now so when it comes it’s familiar and comfortable to you. Most resistance comes from between our ears and is manufactured in our heads. Let it go ~ it’s not serving you. So if it’s 50% physical to get through resistance, then the other 50% is the emotional/mental state when you affirm “yes I will do this, I can go forward; I am capable and worthy.”

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote: “The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.”

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