The beauty of this method is that the weather can be anticipated for months and years ahead, because the positions of the planets can be calculated far into the future. This built-in, non-polluting means of provision of early warning is a service designed to God that, if properly used, can save humanity from the time, money and human lives.

This year, the long-term forecasts based on this method, have found their fulfillment in Alpha Hurricane Wilma, Otis, Dennis and Tropical Storm Arlene and Irwin.

Weather forecasters around the country proclaimed the arrival of the first day of autumn, September 22, 2005. However, they were totally indifferent to how it would affect the very forecasts they will make during the season. Of course, in a generally meteorologists understand that because of Earth's orbit around the Sun, the Sun now appears to be at the equator and moves southward. This means a loss of solar energy for the northern hemisphere, and a loss of solar energy, weather changes. But it is in so far as it goes for them.

The ancients had a different understanding. An astrological chart for the start of each season is the solstice or equinox offered more than a look at the broad spectrum of the season. From the planetary positions and aspects contained in the table, removes a closer look at the quality of that particular spring summer, autumn, winter. Would it be a dry season or the wind? Is this a mild or severe winter? When certain weather phenomena take place?

Astrology has to do with planning the direction of the spatial location of the planets, sun and moon, and some adjustments to the key feature of cosmic proportions. Those who study celestial objects and try to interpret the movements and positions that could have affected people's lives is known as astrologers or astrology. Although it may be difficult or impossible to obtain a college accredited for this skill in most major universities and colleges, many people pick up some tips on the Internet, read some books or learn from those who have been in business for a long time. They can use graphics, telescopic readings, and study constellation to offer interpretations of their significance and how they apply to people's lives.

The next step that many physicians take is to advise clients on changes in lifestyle to get rid of or accident to improve the chances of success. Many famous leaders and wealthy individuals and celebrities, has sought the advice of astrologers. Some of these people include Queen Elizabeth I (1590's) Princess Diana (1990), and a host of other household names known. Although some of these people who pretend to be religious, they secretly meet with an astrologer who is banned from many Christian denominations as a form of sorcery, to inquire about future prospects.

As with all aspects of life, of which the general public to understand a little ', and those who study astrology is generally divided into two groups. The first group includes those who sincerely seek to discover the secrets of the reading of the celestial bodies and understand their unique relations between them, and then transfer the information to deduce from these observations, human interest, events on earth. Another group of so-called astrologers also scammers who try to make money quickly and are eager to throw money carriers that claim to understand the cosmos, and proceed to tell the customers what they want to hear, and a heavy duty, course.

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