Is there something that you are waiting for that when you feel you have a guarantee about it then you will continue with it? When you are absolutely SURE of an outcome then you will take action, attend a course, get married, start a business, travel the world, whatever it may be are you waiting for a guarantee that it will "ALL BE OKAY"

If so, then you are not living life, you are living by a set of imaginary rules and living by rules is NOT living life. Not saying that there should be no rules, or if there are rules to NOT follow them, what I AM saying is to follow a set of rules regarding living YOUR life is NOT LIVING LIFE.

I have been hurt in life before, I AM sure we all have in some way, shape, or form, but to allow that HURT to stop YOU from living is truly dying. There are a lot of living "dying" people walking around in this world, do you choose to be one of them? Happiness begins within. Not outside of yourself, It is within that you experience joy, experience love, experience peace, experience wealth, health, oneness, all of it BEGINS WITHIN!

Is there something that you may be waiting for, that when you have that guarantee then all will be well? If so, you will be waiting forever because with LIFE there are NO GUARANTEES, which is why it is LIFE and in the meantime you are unhappy, and miserable, because you are NOT living your life, and I'm not saying you won't get hurt because that is not reality in life and,what I AM saying is, that Life is Life, with its ups and downs, fun times, hard times, sadness, happiness, joy, peace, unrest, life is ALL of IT!

I have come to find out and experience that by embracing and ACCEPTING that my life is ALL of IT, is what helped me move forward with my life guarantees or not. Because what I have come to discover is that if you are "waiting" for guarantees regarding life, then your not living life, because in truth when it is all said and done you will have come to KNOW that really.... IN LIFE THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES!


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STARTING OVER I feel is the key to life! I Especially in this 21st Century. I feel that we have entered into the age of information. Not only data and facts, also in-for-mation with our Higher Selves and I AM here to help people return back to themselves.

I feel we can help each other help others as we move deeper and deeper into this Information Age. Check out my Expert page and let me know how we can help each other.

Thank you,
Heather Buzzard