Aid for the development of the southern region of Jalisco, creating zootechnical veterinarians who propose alternatives to meet the needs in the food of animal origin. Preserve our livestock inventory and collaborate for the sake of public health in the community.


It is recognized as an academic program that contributes to livestock development in southern Jalisco, through the creation of scientifically trained human resources to promote alternatives in the development and solution of problems related to animal health and production, as well as public health.


Train professionals Veterinarian Kansas City MO who are able to carry out production methods in conventional and unconventional species, taking into account social, political, economic, cultural and ecological factors, in order to provide more food at lower cost and time.

Treat animal health problems and their effect on public health. Acquire the basic methodological tools for scientific research, which allows them to create, adapt, transfer and assess the technologies that can be applied to solve problems in the agricultural sector.

Exotic animal veterinarian

An exotic animal veterinarian is a veterinarian who has a special interest in the medical treatment of exotic animals. These veterinarians can obtain additional training and certification in areas related to exotic animal medicine.

Exotic bird veterinarian

Avian veterinarians specialize in the treatment of birds. An exotic aviator veterinarian raises his level of experience and focuses his practice on treating the type of birds that most people would not have as a domestic pet, such as ducks and birds of prey. An education that is based on science is the necessary basis to become an exotic poultry veterinarian.

Rabbit Veterinarian

The veterinarian you choose should be someone dedicated and who understands herbivores and their unique digestive systems. Your constantly growing teeth may need to be trimmed periodically by a veterinarian who does it routinely.

Rabbits react differently to medications, such as antibiotics, and a specialist is needed to know which drugs are safe and when they are appropriate. For all these reasons, look for a veterinarian who knows bunnies well. Consult your local telephone directory for a veterinarian specializing in exotic products or request a recommendation from your local rabbit rescue group.

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