The Founder of Max Cybersecurity, LLC, a national cybersecurity consultation service, talks about his purpose, vision, and motivation.

Michael A. Echols, a senior cybersecurity executive, works closely with senior corporate leaders and government officials to establish the foundation of a resilient U.S.

He then led the revolution in support of the Information Sharing and Analysis Organization, (ISAO). Echols spearheads the global effort to harmonize the widespread sharing of information about cyber threats. He was also responsible for managing the cyber threat and resiliency program for the Department of Homeland Security, along with serving as the appointee for the rollout of President Obama’s EO 13691. Echols contributed to developing a national program related to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the National Cyber Incident Response Plan. Below, we joined in the conversation with cybersecurity Evangelist, Michael Echols, the founder of a national cybersecurity consultation, ‘Max Cybersecurity, LLC.’

Echols begins by explains that cybersecurity is perhaps the greatest issue confronted by the nations. “This issue is grave and must be addressed on an immediate basis, for it has the potential to devastate the economy of the country,” he says.

He went on to explain, that even though it is such a heinous threat, not many are aware of the crux of the word ‘cybersecurity.’ “This term is just a fancy word for managing the myriad risks that exist in the digital world. In a simpler context, to understand cybersecurity, you need to know about those risks: threats, vulnerabilities, and their extreme consequences,” he says.

In this modern-day world, where not many are even aware of the meaning of digital security, how can we expect that people would have apt skills or know about best practices to be applied in a security/ cyber threat context? This is precisely what intrigued Michael Echols, to create his own organization, Max Cybersecurity. “The purpose behind this national cybersecurity consultation service, was to empower businesses, brands, individuals and even government organizations to step up their protection against the powerful threats, vulnerabilities, and loopholes in the digital world,” he says.

Echols elucidates that the employees of any organization are the conduit to the most damage that occurs at the hands of cybercrime. “That is the mere vision behind establishing Max Cybersecurity, to create ways to train the employees. A culture of cybersecurity must be cultivated in every organization so that employees know what they should and should not do, including creating awareness about handling malicious emails and phishing scams,” he says.

The cybersecurity enthusiast, further reveals that top dog organizations have a misconception. “These organizations think that IT team got them covered against cybercrimes and cyber threats. They forget that the cool IT guy is just there to ensure the access, yet, he is not the cybersecurity guy,” he says.

Echols further recommends organizations and individuals must not rely upon the government to protect from cyber threat. This has been thoroughly discussed in his book thesis, Secure CyberLife: The Government Is Not Coming to Save You. The book additionally serves as a guide facilitating readers to know more about digital self-defense, all while creating awareness to diminish the risk. “The sole vision behind Max Cybersecurity is to empower organizations, against the threats of cyber issues,” he says.

Throughout his career, Michael Echols has advised numerous federal officials. He also served as a consultant on matters regarding outreach, threat information management, protection of national security, national security, protection of national networks, emergency communications, and disaster management. Echols is also the former Chief of the Government-Industry Planning and Management Branch, National Communications System (NCS).

For his tremendous contribution in creating awareness about the need for cybersecurity, Michael Echols was also bestowed with the CSO50 Award, IDG’s CSO, in 2017.

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