The Mechanics of Changing Your Mind
Step 1- “The Buy In”

It happens to even the most creative and vibrant of us. We’re going along and suddenly feel…unsatisfied. It’s time for a change but it’s just so darn comfortable where we’re at. Getting more uncomfortable by the minute. So how do you change direction without waiting for fate’s wrenching kick in the pants?

Changing your mind is pretty straight-forward which feels magical and mystical, occasionally like torture and usually, somewhere in between. The point is, it’s a process- one that’s easy to tap into once you get the hang of it. Reading this blog has already started your process.
Stage hypnotists rely on this “buy in” before getting you to cluck like a chicken. The first question, “who would like to come up on stage?” creates an environment ripe for change. The act of raising your hand then walking up takes you even closer. It means, on some level, you’re willing and ready to have a new experience. You’re temporarily suspending your conscious reality.

Healers also rely on the buy in. An old proverb says, “by the time you call the doctor, you’re 50% better”. Showing up and seeing the doctor can take care of the rest. I suffered from severe IBS for years until I sought help. Then magically, my life changed and the problem resolved yourself. By deciding I wanted to take action, I behaved differently and saw the world differently. By taking a concrete mental step towards changing my life, it set many things in motion that were waiting for me to shift.
Buying in takes you one step closer to the hidden place your deepest beliefs live; where reality changes with a thought. The hardest part of changing your beliefs, changing your reality, is accessing the place where you hold your beliefs. Praying, writing down an intention, sharing a goal, naming your unrealized business…are all ways to buy in and start changing your life.

Changing your mind, your relationships, beliefs, job, home, name…is a process. And the first step is to show up.
Question To Self- What beliefs, past or present, have I bought in to? Can I remember a time I consciously bought into something and it eventually came true?

Activity- metaphorically raise your hand to make a change. Pray, light a candle, sign up for our blog and newsletter, share your idea with a friend, write it in big bold letters on the top of a piece of paper…whatever seems right to you.

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