You know that you need to improve the performance of your lead generation team. That is why you have to be clear in your quality control as well as your training of lagging personnel. This is more apparent when telemarketing is used. By the way, the reason we are focusing on telemarketers is because this is the most important vehicle in reaching to business prospects. Of course, while we do have a good vehicle, we still have to deal with the people running it. We have to make sure telemarketers are doing their best generating sales leads. You can teach them to be more effective in a positive manner. And you can do that by:

  1. Ask your agent’s opinion on how the call went. And if they tell you that you should tell them what they think, encourage them to think about their actions. After that is the time you should talk.
  2. Provide your agents with a good feedback. You should praise the performance of the agent in lead generation and appointment setting. Then tell them where they could improve on.
  3. Check that he understands what you are saying. This will make sure that there are no misunderstandings. You will be able to make corrections easier if you do it this way.
  4. Deal with any difficulties that the telemarketers will encounter. You have to let the agent identify what obstacles he might encounter in the course of his work, and that he should deal quickly.
  5. After that, give him your take on the solution in dealing with that obstacle. It might be a different method, or it might be a better idea that the agent can use in improving his performance.
  6. See that the two of you agree on the solution. This is important since this will determine the agent’s ability to generate B2B leads: whether it will get better or not.
  7. After that, check if the agent got the idea right by practicing. It could be done by role-playing or by you demonstrating how it is done. This will make the agent more comfortable in doing it.
  8. Commit to these changes. You and the agent should establish an action step with a given time-frame for a follow up. This will help measure the effectiveness of the changes made.
  9. Encourage the agent as he does the work. This will show him that you have faith in his abilities, not to mention giving him more motivation to succeed in the lead generation task given.
  10. Perform a prompt follow-up. At the end of the expected time frame, revisit the issue with the agent. If there are still areas of improvements, that is the time for you to go back to step one.

These steps will help you manage your telemarketing representatives well to become more productive in producing quality business leads. Even if you have outsourced to work to third-party lead generation services provider, it is still your job to ensure that they are doing it right. You just have to do it in an effective manner, lest you end up getting to their back side and quitting all together.

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