Any given moment of your life can be a choice to experience “This Moment” as a miraculous opportunity to deepen your Love and heighten your spirituality. One of the simplest ways of uplifting the “Love you” experience, is through understanding how “energy follows intention.” This simple principle can actually change all areas of your life!

At any point in time, whatever the situation is that you're dealing with, you can stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself this basic question: “what is my intention right now?”

Seeing that, allows you to take a wonderful next step into greater ease. You can do this by asking yourself “what would be the highest good for myself and all beings, as One?” This question automatically shifts and aligns your intentions into the highest vibrations of loving-kindness. (Which automatically alters all of the reflections that come back to you!)

Once your spiritual intentions are set to that level, you don't need to worry about understanding or “directing” the way things will unfold from there. Experience shows that you can trust in the perfection of the energy dynamics that will follow.

Your inner desires and knowing will automatically shift, as will people's reactions to you. Your inner inclinations, as long as you stay aligned with the vibration of this Loving Intention, will naturally guide you and reveal to you exactly what actions are in alignment with this.

The key is in your spiritual healing and emotional vibration. Here is an explanation of how the process of shifting your vibration works.

Beginning with the question: “what am I feeling right now?” as a starting point, allows you to identify the texture or flavor of the emotions you are currently associating with this situation. Having felt what all of those textures are, you can then release them to align your emotions with a deeper feeling of love.

The next step is to align your emotions with Love by thinking of things that give you a feeling of wishing pure and genuine well-being for All Creation.

Thinking of birds, pets, children you love, good friends, the sun, water... whatever comes easiest to your heart with genuine love. Once your emotional vibration is settled in a space of sincerely wishing Love for All, asking the question: “what is the highest good for All in this situation?” opens an easy pathway for great inner clarity to come through.

Because your vibration is now clearly aligned with this highest resonance of love, your inner knowing naturally opens to receiving the purest guidance.

In this manner, your whole life simply begins to change.

The intentions that you give to the world, are what directs the energy that is reflected back to you. In this experience of reflection, it is understood that it is not the “action” or what is “done” that influences the effects: it is the seed vibration at the core of the intention. (The law of karma does not “give back to you what you DO,” it “gives back to you what you VIBRATE.” In other words, if you step on someone's toe by accident, you get a different karmic reflection than if you did it on purpose!)

Another simple way of uplifting your life, on a subtle and basic vibrational level, is through the use of affirmations.

Your emotional, vibrational state is always changing, and the great news is that YOU can CHOOSE where you want it to go! You can choose to believe that negative things will happen to you, and the entire miraculous mechanism of your body/mind and emotions will cooperate to find those negative experiences for you. You can also choose that you are a being of Light and Joy who will give and receive pure Love, and the energetic spirals will follow these pathways.

If you choose, here are some wonderfully uplifting decrees/affirmations that you can use in your daily life:

I AM Here to Experience Joy and Bliss

I AM Infinite, Perfect Love

The Divine Perfection of the Universe is Alive as Me

My Highest Radiant Presence is grounded in my Physical Awareness

My Heart Shines as Bright as Ten Thousand Suns

I AM the Grace of my Heart's Dearest Beloved

I AM Creating Only Goodness Everywhere

I AM Dreaming the Universe's Dreams

I AM Radiant Clarity

Author's Bio: 

Katherine Lash - An Arizona native who has lived in the Sedona area for over 40 years, Katherine specializes in small group and individual relationship dynamics. She teaches interpersonal life skills and guides people and organizations through critical transitions in life. With a Bachelor of Science in both Metaphysical Philosophy and Education, Katherine is a master life coach and confidant to people aspiring to the highest levels of personal growth.

Her travels to Tibet, Nepal, India, and Thailand, along with living in Bali Indonesia, have given her great insights into cultural diversity and spiritual practice. While living in Hawaii, Katherine studied aesthetics, holistic health, ayurvedic medicine, plant medicine, and various Eastern modalities. Her own personal practice of Ashtanga Yoga helps to keep her centered as she facilitates healing with the following: Chakra Balancing, energy attunements, life coaching, breath work, guidance readings, ceremony, Tesla High Frequency, EFT, and European Facial.

Serving as a business woman and spiritual guide, Katherine's life has been devoted to empowering individuals to reach their full potential by shifting perspectives and awakening to higher consciousness.