Now that the summer is here and the nights are getting lighter and hotter, we all tend to suffer from sleepless nights, more so than others. Sleep is vital for your body and brain as this is the time where your body repairs and rejuvenates itself from the day's activities. Hay fever is also a cause of sleepless nights, feeling blocked up and not being able to breathe properly.

There are many causes to sleepless nights especially in the summer months, but there are simple solutions:

For those who live on main roads or have noise neighbors who like to have a BBQ party throughout the night, using sleep with ear plugs are a great solution. They block out the disrupting noises and allow you to fall to sleep peacefully.

One of the most common uses for ear plugs is during sleep. Disposable foam plugs will likely do the job fine, but must be inserted and taken out properly to avoid discomfort. This can occur for several reasons, be it the plug being inserted too far or due to air pressure building up when it is placed inside the ear. The easiest way to avoid this is to carefully check your plugs' instructions to see how they should be inserted, as different plugs all function in different ways. Custom ear plugs can also help you avoid this, as they tend to be more comfortable. Note that when you lie down to sleep, your ear canal changes its shape, usually reducing in diameter. This can cause overly large plugs to become uncomfortable, and so they should be inserted or molded in the position in which you will be using them.

The ear plug can be seen as an indispensable, portable device that can be used in many ways to save hearing and protect ears from other damaging environmental factors. They should always be used as directed by the manufacturer or a medical adviser and checked from time to time ensure that they are still in place and giving maximum protection. They can aid sleep, increase concentration and, at their most efficient, save a person from the tragedy of complete hearing loss.

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