Many online bingo players who love to play bingo can hate the fact of playing bingo for hours on end without winning a single penny. Such people believe that they have no luck or their luck has run out when in fact it is an internally different case. Bingo sites do not rig games if that is what you are thinking either, infact certain practices are illegal. The game is entirely random and is why the same person’s name can keep popping up game on ending saying that they have won.

Although the game is entirely random there are certain aspects of the game that can be changed for you to improve your chances when playing bingo such as the amount of tickets you buy and how full the bingo rooms are.

How many cards do you buy?

If you are the kind of person who only buys 1 or 2 bingo tickets per game then you cannot complain that you do not win every game. The more cards you buy the better your odds are of winning when playing bingo. If there were only 2 players in a game, 1 person purchases 2 cards and the other purchases 6 cards, the first person would have 1 in 4 chances of winning compared to the second person.

How many people per bingo room?

If you are playing in an online bingo room that has 100 people in then you need to consider the fact that 100 people are all competing with each other and depending on what version of bingo you are playing there can only be 1 winner. You need to search bingo rooms with the least amount of players. The least amount of bingo players in a room will give you less competition.

Free bingo

Most bingo sites offer a form of free bingo where you can win real money. Such games do not cost you a penny to play so these games are worth playing. If you win you can usually withdraw your winnings or play more bingo. Playing more bingo will give you more chances of winning.

Lucky charms

Maybe you believe in lucky charms or you want to, the fact is that people winning at bingo is not down to the fact of such superstitions. The amount of tickets you buy compared to how many other players in room and how many tickets they buy contribute to who maybe the final winner and how many games you will win.

Remember that it only takes 1 ticket to win a game, buying a huge amount will not guarantee a win. The more tickets you buy however will give you better odds of picking a ticket that will win first.

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