One of the key ingredients in improving the quality of life with someone who is aging or living with a disability to is to create an environment in their home that allows independent mobility. One freedom we take for granted is the ability to move freely about the home and be self-sufficient. This actually is a bonus for caregivers and recipients. It gives independence to those who live with limited mobility; a new lease on living life. Handicap construction, age in place remodeling and barrier free living offer a less restricted more independent lifestyle.
Of course there are a number of products and aides that can be purchased and installed to help better the quality of life of someone living with continual mobility issues. One of the ways to increase mobility in a home with stairs is to install a residential stair lift. This is a universal solution that allows the stair way to be accessed by individuals who are able to use the stairs as they are and using the stair chair lift.
A disability can affect anyone, anytime. Whether you are living with a long term disability, issues with decreased mobility as you age or a disability that hits suddenly everyone has an experience with a mobility restriction and a decrease in independent living. Residential solutions are becoming more common which also helps to decrease the cost associated with them. This increases the likely hood one can be installed and give your loved one a full, independent life one that has always been in the picture.
A stair chair lift is a secure and easily solution to the issue that comes along with owning a two story home. The issue is common and easily resolved. Most stair rails can be fitted to the staircase. A slim design stair chair lift allows the stairs for other use. Also stair chair lifts are battery operated which is a great feature for power outages. There is no risk of being stuck. Also a seat mounted control systems allows the operator the ability to use the lift easily. A residential stair lift system is great for people of all shapes, sizes and mobility limitations.
Stair chair lifts should be installed by licensed age in place contractors. There are certain requirements that need to be maintained for the integrity of the stair lift. It is important to note that a load bearing wall is not needed to have a stair chair lift in place. The lift fits directly onto the stairs. This is beneficial because the lift does not need to be taken into consideration ahead of time. This means that any home can be fitted and independent living can be maintained while aging in the home environment that is familiar. This saves costly home renovations to accommodate stair lifts.
Creating a safe, secure home environment is the goal for all caregivers. A stair chair lift installed in a home can give your loved one the thing they crave most, independence. It is important to create a home space that fosters the ability to do things for one’s self. A stair chair lift helps accommodate this.

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