Improving Self Confidence: 3 Surefire Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

Have you ever wondered if there is an invisible force that affects the way you live your life? Are you aware that you can harness this power? I’m referring to self confidence and if improving self confidence is something that you would like to develop, I’ve got 3 surefire strategies to boost your self confidence to help you live your best life.

Most people today are suffering from a lack of self confidence, which is sometimes referred to as low self esteem. It’s almost an epidemic in modern day living. You may not realize it, but self confidence affects your daily life in so many unsurprising ways.

For example, if you lack the confidence to speak up for yourself when a particular matter needs to be addressed, it may cause you to feel even worse about yourself. Not having unstoppable confidence may cause you to just brush the matter off and hope it will go away.

You may console yourself by saying things like, “I don’t like conflict”. Let’s get real. I don’t think the majority of people enjoy conflict, but there are times when a situation needs to be addressed. When you exude self confidence, you can handle any situation that arises in an appropriate manner.

I once heard a couple of women talking about an acquaintance of theirs. They remarked at how this woman doesn’t have a problem with self confidence. It was said with a tone of voice as if having self confidence was a bad thing.

Is this because we confuse confidence with arrogance? Perhaps. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s look at three surefire strategies to improving self confidence which can give you that invisible power to live your life the way you deserve to.

Strategy #1. It’s Time To Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You

Here’s something to consider. While you are worry what others think about you, they’re also worrying what others thing of them. Most people are preoccupied thinking about themselves to think about you. Concentrate on building your confidence and don’t worry about what others thing about you. I heard this quote from the beloved Dr. Seuss, and I think it’s appropriate here. “Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don't Matter and Those Who Matter Don't Mind.” So remember this when working on improving self confidence.

Strategy #2. You Have To Learn How to Be Confident

Self confidence is a trait that is learned. It’s not something you inherit. If you lack confidence right now, the good news is – it’s not permanent. Learning is a lifelong skill, and improving self confidence is something you can always learn. It’s almost like a muscle, you have to do something small each day to boost your confidence. Make a habit of strengthening this muscle daily and you’ll be on your way to improving self confidence.

Strategy #3. Start Acting “As If”

Create your own internal movies of how you want any situation to play out. This is sometimes referred to as “fake it ‘til you make it”. By using the word ‘fake’, I’m not suggesting not being authentic, I’m suggesting you act and behave ‘as if’ and see yourself doing the things you want to and having the outcome you want. Continue running these scenes in your mind, see yourself acting ‘as if’ you already have confidence and pretty soon, you’ll start rising to the occasion to become the person within you.

I’m sure you’ve heard the classic question, ‘how do you eat an elephant’? The answer: one bite at a time. You have to take things in manageable pieces. Looking at the big picture can sometimes make the task at hand seem impossible and overwhelming.

Most of the above strategies involve things you have to do alone. Sometimes an excellent idea is to involve others that you can respect and totally trust. This way, you can also benefit from their experience. Most people will be absolutely flattered that you reached out to them, so give it a shot. It can be one of your first steps improving your confidence. Just ask!

Improving self confidence is a lifelong skill that will serve you well. It’s the difference between becoming unstoppable or being stuck in life.

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