We all like nothing more than recognition for a job well done, especially if we have worked particularly hard to achieve something – a characteristic that has been present within most of us since childhood. We can all remember receiving certificates, house points or even prizes for some of our more exceptional achievements as children, so why would we feel any differently as adults?

Most employers know that their staff will happily go that extra mile when overcoming a problem, or meeting a tight deadline, and all that effort shouldn’t go unrecognised. It’s really important that the workforce is happy, and that morale is high in order to ensure that productivity remains at an optimum and in turn that the business runs smoothly. By acknowledging employee efforts, great strides will be gained in employer/employee relations.

Thanking an employee personally will emphasise that their effort has been identified and appreciated, and that it may well have had a positive impact on the company profile or profits. This will further motivate and encourage not only that employee, but those around them to strive to do their best at all times, and they will feel like they are a valuable member of staff within the business. But verbal recognition can be forgotten within a few days. There is no permanent reminder that their contribution made a difference. This is why many employers choose to adopt some sort of incentive scheme.

There is no reason why incentives need to be expensive, or elaborate. Something as simple as a glass award or trophy can be presented to “Employee of the Month” or maybe to the person with “100% attendance” over the year. There are many variables; Top Performer, Team Recognition, Excellent Customer Service, Top Salesperson; the list is endless and can be adapted to fit any business model. A trophy sat on its recipient’s desk will serve as a permanent reminder of their hard work, and they will have a sense of pride each time they look at it, boosting morale within the workplace.

It’s quite important for the presentation format to be decided in advance, whether it’s made in a team meeting or within a one to one. Whatever the occasion, for whatever the recognition, employees need to feel that they are important, that they are valued, and that their employer is grateful for their commitment to the business. After all, it’s the stepping stone to continued morale and staff motivation in the future.

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Becky writes for Fen Regis who have been invaluable to her in boosting the morale at her workplace.